• How to lay linoleum

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    How to lay linoleum

    Linoleum is a practical and relatively inexpensive floor covering, the laying of which can be done on its own, without the help of experts. In order not to spoil the material and as a result get a neat attractive floor, you should carefully study the instructions and get acquainted with additional information about laying linoleum. How to lay linoleum on the floor, described in detail later in the article.

    How to prepare the floor for laying linoleum?

    Such a universal type of flooring, such as linoleum, can be laid on a concrete base or on a wooden floor.

    • To lay linoleum on a wooden floor, you should first check the reliability and tightness of the floorboards, driveBed linoleumprotruding nails, reinforce all loosened elements;
    • The cracked wooden floor should be leveled with the help of scraping, and the gaps should be filled with putty;
    • Old wooden floor before laying is recommended to lay sheets of GVL or plywood;
    • When laying linoleum on a concrete base, the floor should be checked for chips, cracks, irregularities and potholes. In the case of the presence of such, the base is recommended to be leveled, filled with a tie.

    How to lay linoleum: general requirements

    After acquiring the rolls of material it is necessary to let them stand in a vertical position for several days. At the same time the air temperature in the room shouldto lay linoleumvary from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. In addition, the humidity in the room should not exceed 65%.

    The layout of the sheets of linoleum is carried out taking into account the sources of natural lighting. Thus, experts recommend positioning the seams along the direction of light flow. Otherwise the joints will stand out too much. Monophonic material should be laid, leaving allowances for seams of 3-4 cm, as well as indentations around the perimeter of 10 cm. Linoleum with a pattern should be laid, combining the elements of the pattern.

    In order to properly lay linoleum, before laying it should lay the substrate.

    What to lay under the linoleum?

    Many factories today produce material equipped with a synthetic or jute substrate.For this type of linoleum is not required to additionally cover the base. In all other cases, before laying linoleum, the floor must be covered with lining material. Use several types of a substrate under linoleum:

    • The cork base is not durable and does not tolerate wellBed linoleumload from the legs of furniture and heels. In addition, this material can not be called budget;
    • Pure jute fiber substrate does not burn, does not rot and does not grow moldy, however, it is not cheap;
    • The flax fiber substrate is not inferior in its characteristics to the jute variant;
    • Substrate from a mixture of wool, flax and jute, impregnated with antifungal agents, is an ideal option for laying linoleum.

    To lay the linoleum with your own hands, it must first be cut, for which it is worth figuring out how to do it correctly.

    How to cut the cover?

    This process is carried out using a special knife and ruler. For technological joints along the contour of the room on the material rolled on the floor, leave indents and allowances bent on the walls.

    The main methods of cutting linoleum

    • The material rolls out across the floor of the room, and the edges of the linoleum sheet are pressed against the base. The floor covering is cut around the perimeter.Bed linoleumpremises taking into account technological gaps. The exception is the doorway;
    • Fitting without gaps is carried out on the markup previously made on the spread linoleum;
    • In a room with a complex layout on spreading linoleum, marking of protruding elements is done, after which the material is cut;
    • The markup is applied on the templates made of cardboard. This method is used when laying material around pipes or plumbing.

    After cutting the linoleum should be left on the floor without fastening for two days. During this time, the flooring is completely leveled.

    In order to lay linoleum itself, it is necessary to understand the methods of its fastening.

    Laying technology

    When laying the material on a foam base, it is not necessary to mount it with a special adhesive. The coating can not stick at all or simply fasten with double-sided adhesive tape.

    When laying commercial linoleum in a room where the material may be subject to intense wear, it is necessary to glue the flooring.

    Professionals identify two main ways of gluing linoleum:Bed linoleum

    1. In the first case, the adhesive composition with a notched trowel should be applied to the surface of the base, beginning to process it from the middle of the room. In the area of ​​the joints, the glue does not need to be applied, leaving a gap of approximately 12 cm. It is imperative that the area of ​​the junction of the floor with the wall is processed. Only after this linoleum can be rolled on the floor.
    2. In the second case, the material spread on the floor should be rolled into a tight roll, stopping in the middle of the room. The adhesive must be applied in a manner similar to that described above. Slightly shaking the roll, it must be rolled out and glued to the base, moving from the center of the room to its periphery.

    After completion of the above-described manipulations, all the air should be expelled from under the glued coating, carefully walking around it with a special roller or cloth.

    Also on this page you can watch a video on how to lay linoleum.

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