• How to lace up laces?

    Beautiful lacing of sneakers, shoes - although it is a small, but still an important part of the style, in which, as you know, every little thing matters. On simple and much more complex, non-trivial methods of lacing, read our article.

    Simple ways to lacing

    Classic cross lacing

    To lace the laces on the sneakers in this way, thread the lace in bothShoelacesbottom holes. After that cross the ends of the lace and lead them through the next row of holes - from the inside to the outside. Cross again and pass into the next row, and so on until the very end.

    Straight lacing

    Thread the string through the bottom two holes. Immediately output one end through the upper hole, and the second one stitch all the holes (as if drawing the letters D). At the very end, carefully align the length of the ends of the lace and tie them with a knot that you are used to.

    Cycling lacing

    It allows laces to be laced so that the tips are on the side, so that they are notShoelacesthat did not cling when pedaling. Thread the string into the bottom row of holes, from the inside.Pass the left end of the lace from the outside to the next hole along its own side, and then out through a parallel hole on the opposite row of holes. Pass the right end of the lace inward along its side, passing one hole. Then bring it outside through a parallel hole in the adjacent row of holes. By analogy, make all the lacing.

    Traditional lacing

    Thread the string through the bottom two holes. One end immediately out through the very top hole on the opposite side, and the second end make the lacing to the very end, as if describing triangles.

    Difficult ways to lacing

    Railway for flat thin laces

    Thread the string into the lower holes, leading the ends from the inside to the outside. Now everyShoelacesdraw the end of the lace inward along its side. From inside, cross the tips and lead out through the same holes through which you just missed the cord inside. Only now each tip will be on the opposite side. At the top, re-run the tips through the following holes inwards (without changing the direction), and at the bottom you cross again and repeat everything that was described above.

    Dense grille

    Such lacing is suitable for wide flat laces and shoes with 6 pairs of holes and more. If you are thinking about how to lace up laces beautifully and interestingly, then you will surely like this way. To implement it, thread the lace from the inside to the bottom rowShoelacesholes. Each tip brought out will need to be threaded in on the opposite side, leaving 2 holes free. Inside, you will need to bring each end of the lace back to its first free hole on its side. Then the cord will need to be brought out and again passed inside on the opposite side, passing 2 pairs of holes. Repeat these steps until the holes are free.

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