• How to know the speed of the Internet

    How to know the speed of the Internet

    How to know the speed of the Internet

    The most common questions are how to find out the speed of the Internet, people who recently registered on the world wide web. Having no special knowledge and even some ideas about where they went, they are embraced by the desire to test their speed, the reasons for this can be very diverse.


    How to find out your internet speed



    It is necessary to begin with in order to disassemble the main reasons for such a desire of a person.


    1. Out of ordinary curiosity, a person just wants to have information about how he has the Internet.
    2. Checking for the quality and performance of the obligations of your provider - it is also the most common among all reasons. This is not surprising, the client should know for what he pays the money, and also he must be sure of the good faith of his provider. The price for the services of the main Internet audience depends only on the speed, the higher the speed, the higher the price. Some, of course, buy limit traffic,here they still pay for the amount of downloaded information. By the way, if you belong to the latter, read the article on how to increase the speed of the Internet. This will help you save some budget. Some providers may not have a better reputation, precisely because they unauthorizedly cut speed to customers.
    3. The next reason may come directly from the previous one. If you purchased a new tariff from the same provider, then you will probably want to check how your speed has changed. It does not matter if you lowered it or increased it. For example, at first you used the “Novice” tariff at a speed of 2 Mb / s, after which for some reason you had to change the rate to Experienced, where the speed of the documents was already 4 Mb / s. They promised you that the next day the new tariff should already function, but is it true? In this case, you need to measure the speed, at the same time check how much it increased.
    4. Maybe you are fond of online games, where you need a high-quality high-speed connection. Here for a comfortable game there is a concept - ping, i.e. delay. It directly depends on the speed of the Internet,so the creators always write in the system requirements of this indicator, respectively, that would simply not swing the client of the game, you first need to check your speed.
    5. And the last reason. People recognize their speed in order to properly adjust the settings to the programs that provide for downloading files from the network. For example, to use the torrent tracker, you need to properly configure it. By the way, what a torrent is and how to use it, you can find out on the page of our site. In addition, you can simply check your provider for good faith. To do this, compare two values ​​- the speed prescribed on the Internet, and the speed that is indicated when downloading the file.


    These were the main reasons why people wonder how to find out the speed of the Internet. It's time to go to action and announce several services.


    How to find Internet speed online



    • It should start with the most reliable, though not the most functional service - Yandex. I have no doubt that many users will use it because of trust.



    How to know the speed of the Internet

    How to know the speed of the Internet


    A minimum of functionality, only the most necessary is presented to you.Paying attention to the top of the page, you will see a widget with your Ip address. Slightly to the right there is a small green ruler, clicking on it and waiting a little, you will know your real connection speed.


    Before you continue and go to other services that answer the question of how to find out the speed of the Internet online, let's see how this speed is determined and what nuances exist. The process is as follows: after you clicked on a special link and confirmed that you want to check the speed, a fixed-size file is sent from the site to the computer, after which the reception time is detected. This is how the reception speed is determined, but that's not all. The next step the service will determine the rate of return, for this it is necessary to do the reverse process, i.e. a file will be sent from the computer to the site. After the operations performed, you will have all the ready information. Most often, the speed of return is less, so do not be surprised when you see the result. By the way, it can be learned separately from your provider.


    Consider the fact that the speed is influenced by many factors, and when measuring it you should pay attention to them.Thus, measuring the speed 5 times, you get different results. This may affect the time of day or the remoteness of the server, so do not immediately resort to critical measures and run to the provider. But there should be no big differences.


    • The second place is occupied by the most popular of all services, which will tell you how to find out the speed of the Internet online. His name is 2ip.




    How to know the speed of the Internet

    How to know the speed of the Internet


    Besides the fact that it measures the speed, you will immediately see all the information about your provider. Although this information has no effect, but knowing it is useful. Before you start checking the speed, you will be prompted to enter a captcha. Since this process is quite rare, it will not give you any inconvenience. The service also offers everyone who wants to install a special panel on their website. With it, your visitors can also measure speed.


    Based on numerous testing on the Internet, 2ip clearly takes a leading position, so they should take advantage.


    • The third place in popularity among the Russian-speaking audience is speedtest. The service has good functionality, so information about your provider will be enough for you.If you are still tormented by the question of how to know the speed of the Internet online, then be sure to use the service.



    How to know the speed of the Internet

    How to know the speed of the Internet


    Such advantages as the beauty of the design and a very sophisticated interface make themselves felt. But there are also disadvantages: large errors in measurement due to the remoteness of the service, work in flash and English-language interface. That is why the Russian-speaking audience does not like this service so much. To be sure with the work of the site, look.


    We hope that you took the necessary information from the article, which you will continue to use. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of various services on the Internet, we offered you the most reliable and high-quality services.

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