• How to know the results of GIA?

    Alexander Yulin
    Alexander Yulin
    August 14, 2012
    How to know the results of GIA?

    RosObNadzor this year refused to publicly publish data on the results of the GIA, so the question of how to find out the results of the GIA will have to be solved in the old manner. In your educational institution should be posted a list of the results of the GIA after a few days after the event throughout the country. You can view other data on GIA on the official website of the state certification gia.osoko.ru.

    Also there is an excellent resource where there is a constant update on the topic of GIA -. The site is built as a question-answer and is often updated, in a word, a valuable resource.

    Another way may be contacting the Ministry of Education of your region. But the data first of all gets into the educational parts of schools, so don’t bother yourself with walking along the corridors of the ministries, but it’s better to directly contact the class teacher.

    It is worth noting that the mass results in some way can not get into the network for the above reason of confidentiality.Therefore, do not visit third-party resources, offering to find out the data, even if it is for an acceptable bribe.

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