• How to know the color of the aura?

    Natalya Taraskina
    Natalya Taraskina
    April 9, 2013
    How to know the color of the aura?

    The fact that you can touch and see with an armed eye, already takes little modern man. Even if scientists confirm the presence of an aura with their research, and in the 20th century they even learned how to photograph it. That ordinary person also wants to touch the "incomprehensible." Before considering the question “How to recognize the color of the aura?”, We will try to understand what an aura is and what it is “eaten with”.

    Translated from the ancient Greek and Latin - this word means whiff, blow. It is used, for example, again in ancient Greek mythology (the goddess of wind) and neuropathology (a symptom of an epileptic disease). And also in the names of cities (in Finland) and rivers (in Germany).

    But here we look at how a person's aura is explained in terms of esotericism and parapsychology. It can be said halo. It surrounds the human body and consists of several shells or layers of different colors.

    In different schools of Eastern psychology, up to seven shells are distinguished in the structure of the aura. A violation of their integrity or form, can talk about the occurrence of disease.

    How to find out the color of your aura

    One of the definitions of the color of your aura is by the number of the way of life. Simply put, the day, month and year of your birth. To calculate the number you need to add all the numbers. For example, on April 6, 2013, we will write in digital format - 04/06/2013. Now all the numbers need to be added (6 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 3 = 16). Here again we need to make the addition of 1 + 6 = 7. The result does not add up again if the amount received is 11 or 22.

    Based on this, 11 colors are considered:

    1. red - sensuality and vitality;
    2. orange - emotions and health;
    3. yellow color of aura - intelligence and creativity;
    4. green color of aura - nature;
    5. blue - talent, love of travel, the search for truth;
    6. blue - nobility and humanism;
    7. Violet - spirituality, intuition and clairvoyance;
    8. pink - materialism, dedication and hard work;
    9. Bronze - humanism and self-sacrifice;
    10. silver - intuition, reverie and idealism;
    11. golden - unlimited potential.

    You can find a lot of techniques, how to see your aura yourself. However, you can learn anything. We must always remember that the main thing is not the color of the aura, but its brightness and purity, that is, how you use the opportunities given to you from birth.

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