• How to beat mg3?

    February 3, 2015
    How to beat mg3?

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    How to beat mg3?

    Many players in the game Varfeys seek to get unique and rare weapons in various ways. To do this, they often use special tactics with gun boxes to get what they want. For example, not everyone knows how to knock out mg3 in Warface in fast ways, without spending a lot of virtual money.

    Let's take a closer look at how to knock out mg3 in Warface with different tactics; We bring to your attention tips from experienced players. Other useful tips can be found in the article How to beat boxes in warface.

    How to beat mg3 in Warface

    There are several simple tactics for knocking out weapons in the Warface game:

    • The method "5-5-5" implies that you will buy 5 boxes and open them until you find a weapon.
    • The "Newbie" method offers to create a clean new account, play an hour and start opening the boxes.
    • If in the last round to blow up on your own grenade, then you should start to carry with boxes of luck. However, we must hurry with their purchase.
    • The "drunken ladder" method suggests buying boxes according to this "3-4-2-5" scheme.Sooner or later you are lucky.

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