• Often, we need to reinstall our operating system. This may be due to the fact that computer resources have accumulated a large amount of information, the files of which contain viruses. Or the computer just stopped working, due to software failures. In all cases, we will need to reinstall the operating system. Today, we will deal with how to properly install Windows XP. So:

    How to install Windows XP correctly?

    We will need, first of all, a disk on which one of the versions of the operating system is recorded. This disc can be borrowed from someone you know, if you do not have it. You can also find the boot files of the Windows XP operating system on the Internet. If you choose the second option, then after downloading, you need to write all the files on a blank disc that can read your drive. So, everything is ready to install Windows XP. Before installing, remember that all the data that is on the partition where you will install Windows will be replaced. That is, you need to save all the files you need to work, in another partition of the disk or on any external storage media.

    Here is what you need to do:

    • Put the disc with the operating system files in the drive.
    • Reboot your computer.
    • During the download, you will see an inscription in the lower right corner of the screen that contains the following: "Press Del to run setup". At the time of the appearance of this inscription, you need to press the DEL key in order to properly install Windows XP. In different computer models, different buttons may be used that bring up the BIOS settings of your PC. Besides DEL, it can be, for example, F2 and so on. Accordingly, it is necessary to press the key that will be indicated in the instruction (in the lower right corner) during computer startup.
    • After pressing the key, we should get into the BIOS section. It is important to note that in this case it will not be possible to control the mouse. Use the arrow and enter keys to navigate and select options.
    • Our task in this section is to designate the drive as the starting point for booting the computer. To do this, find in the BIOS settings called "Boot". Boot - download, translated from English. The fact is that different BIOS models assume different types of menus. But, of course, in any BIOS there is a boot setting.
    • We hope you managed to find options in the Boot section.Now we need to select your drive as the first boot device. Where it says 1st boot drive you need to choose your drive. Select the 1st boot drive, and press enter. A list of various devices appears. Our drive is usually displayed as the name of the model and manufacturer of the manufacturer. For example, "toshiba". After the manufacturer, the name of the model is usually written. Select the drive, highlighting its name, and pressing enter, to properly install Windows XP.
    • Now, the device from which to boot the computer is a drive in which there is already a disk containing the necessary files.
    • Next, you need to follow all the instructions that will be offered. Installation is in many ways an automated process that does not require in-depth computer knowledge.

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