• How to install the game via torrent?

    September 23, 2014
    How to install the game via torrent?

    Nowadays, a huge number of people prefer to use pirated versions of computer games. Such games are bought on pirated discs or downloaded from torrents.

    Torrent is a special file sharing system. In it, other users upload files to the public, and anyone who has this program installed can download these files.

    How to install the game downloaded from the torrent

    First you need to download the game itself through torrent. How to use this program, you can read in our article How to download from the torrent.

    So, you downloaded the game from the torrent. It may be in a disk image extension or as regular files. In the second case, installing the game will not be difficult by running the installation file with the extension “.exe” and following the simple instructions.

    But the disk image can cause difficulties. Consider this installation in more detail.

    Installing a game disk image

    If you are running Windows 8, the disk image opens if you click on it 2 times with the right mouse button. In the folder that opens, you will again see all the same regular files.Just find the file with the extension ".exe" and you can start the installation.

    However, if you have an old Windows OS installed, then to install the game, you will have to use a third-party Alcohol 120% program. For this:

    1. Download the program from and install.
    2. Run the program and wait for it to create a virtual drive.
    3. Then you can just mount the image and start the installation just like in Windows 8. Or you can open the program Alcohol 120% and follow the path "File - Open." In the new window specify the path to the image of the game. A list of files where you can start the installation will open. In some cases, the installation starts automatically.

    After installation, you can run the game.

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