• How to install the game on PS3?

    Let's look at two possible options for how to install the game on PS3. The first option is to install the game on the hard drive of the console itself, and the second is the ability to play the game installed on external media.

    Preparing PS3 to install games

    In order to be able to play various games without discs on PS3, we will need special programs. The programs you need to download are called Blackb0x FTP and Open Manager, and you can download them from here:. Files with programs from this archive must be copied to a USB flash drive, preformatted in FAT32 format. Now we translate the console into jailbreak mode, for which we de-energize the PS3 first: remove the cord from the outlet or, if there is a special toggle switch, disable it. Now we insert our cracker into the USB port of the console and turn on the console, then press the "Power" button and then "Eject" - the button designed to eject the disc. Go to the "Install Package Files" menu and find our packages for installing Blackb0x FTP and Open Manager. Install them in turn with the "X" button and see if the corresponding items have appeared with the names of the programs in the "Game" menu.If everything is in order, remove the flash drive and proceed directly to installing the game.

    How to install the game on PS3 on HDD consoles?

    This method is good because it allows you to play games of any size, and not only up to 4 GB, as is possible with an external hard drive. First, check whether Total Commander is installed on your computer. If yes, then everything is fine, if not, download it from here: "" and install. Now, using a patch cord, connect the PC and the console. In the console, go to the "Settings", then in the "Network Settings" and in the "Internet Connection Settings", where in the column "Setting Method" select "Special", in the column "Connection Method" - "Wired", in the column " The network device mode is set to “Detect automatically” and, finally, in the IP address settings, select the “Manual” item. Now we set up the connection, for which we use the following IP address: In the column “Subnet Mask”, we set, and in the “Router by default” and “Primary DNS” columns, we set, and leave the additional DNS as is. In MTU, we set "Automatic", we do not use a proxy server, and for UPnP we use the "Enable" mode.

    Continue the installation

    Press the "X" button to save the settings and go to the Blackb0x FTP program in the "Game" menu.In the Total Commander program on the PC, select "Network" and then: "Connect to an FTP server". Click on "Add" and in setting up the FTP connection, set the PS3 for the connection name, for the server, and leave the account with the password blank. After that, connect to the selected connection. In the menu that appears, select the directory called dev_hdd0 and go to the "Game" menu and OMAN46756. In this directory, create a folder called "GAMEZ", where using the F5 button and copy the folder with the desired game. After the copying process is completed, exit the Blackb0x FTP program and launch the Open Manager in the "Game" menu. On the question of using OMAN46756, we answer "Yes". Now select the game and press "X". The game will appear here in this directory: * / app_home / PS3_GAME / Take into account the fact that not all games can work without a disc, but there is a solution. If you have any licensed PS3 disc, run Open Manager again and insert your disc into the drive and press "X" after selecting the desired game - the console will define it as the original disc for the installed game.

    How to install the game on PS3 from an external HDD?

    As we have already noted, this method is somewhat worse due to the fact that it is impossible to start games from external media that are larger than 4 GB (due to the features of the FAT32 format).In addition, during the game from an external hard drive, errors and low speed may be observed (due to the fact that the speed of the USB connection is not as fast as the data transfer rate on a conventional HDD). To start the game from an external HDD, you need to format it in FAT32 format, create a "GAMEZ" folder on the disk and copy the required games there. Games are also launched using Open Manager. Well, now you know how to install the game on PS3.

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