• How to install skins for CSS?

    "Counter strike - source" is a pretty interesting game. This game combines teamwork with technology "Source". It is an updated version of the well-known network shooter who ranks first in the world of Counter Strike 1.6. Many are interested in how to install skins for CSS and increase the attractiveness of the game. At a time when Counter S. 1.6 was at the peak of popularity, its authors (Valve) decided to create another updated version of the game.

    Download and install

    Today, “CS Source” is practically not inferior to “CS 1.6” in popularity. The new game is also a lot of players and clans. Many sites that are dedicated to this game. Over the past year, a large number of files have appeared, as well as additions for this game. In the beginning there are some features of how to install the CSS admin skin:

    • Open the game and write the settings,
    • Next is the "Admin Model T" option. Here we need to choose "Admin 50 CENT". The Admin Model is installed on the same principle as the general ones. But everything will be registered in admin_ct.
    • Common (Public) skins are set absolutely also. Will be registered in public_t and public_ct.In order for our common skins to work, we tweak the mani_server.cfg

    Now more on how to install the skins for CSS:

    • We download archive in which there are skins interesting to us.
    • Need to unpack it.
    • Downloaded files are dropped into the appropriate folders (with replacement) If you find the materials folder when unpacking the archive, then you need to go to the cstrike folder (the place where your game was installed) and replace the materials folder. When downloading skins for weapons, there may be several folders in the archive: models, materials, scripts, resource, how to install skins for CSS. In this case, you need to go to the cstrike folder and upload the files extracted from the archive (with replacement).

    For example, you do not know how to install the CSS admin skin:

    • Download, in fact, the skin itself (consider the model 50 cent)
    • The next step is to extract everything that the Gameserver folder contains and put it in the folder where the / cstrike server is located.
    • Next, open the folder called "skins". If suddenly there is no such folder, then create it yourself.
    • Next we need to create two more folders. Let's call them: "admin_ct" one and "admin_t" second. We click admin_t / 50 Cent.txt and register in them the path to our unpacked files. A text document is usually present in the archived folder with the model. It should already be all spelled out.
    • Next you need to open skins / 50 Cent.txt and write the following line there: ADMIN 50 CENT "50 Cent.txt ADMIN 50 CENT is the name of our skin. It can change at your discretion and desire. 50 Cent.txt is the name of the file, in which the path to the files of the model of this skin is entered.
    • In order for our skin to work, it is necessary, first of all, to tune the "mani_server.cfg" (by default it should be mani admin plugin).

    After installing the CSS admin skin was successful, you should allow or prohibit admins to configure not quite standard skins. Setting: mani_skins_admin 1. //-Manage skins downloads in automatic mode. 0 - do not download. 1 - automatically download. mani_skins_auto_download 1

    That's it. You know how to install skins for CSS and it's ready to go.

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