• How to install a shortcut?

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    How to install a shortcut?

    To ensure quick access to any file, folder or program, you can make a shortcut (link). Then you can start the program or open a folder or file with one click of the mouse directly from the desktop. How to install a shortcut on your desktop? Let's see.

    Create a shortcut by direct

    Directly - this means directly from the place of storage of the desired file or folder.

    1. We find on our computer the folder we are interested in (document, program).
    2. Click on her image with the right mouse button.
    3. In the opened window, select the menu item �Create shortcut� and click on it with the left mouse button.
    4. A shortcut will appear in the same folder (possibly next to the desired document). It will look the same as the icon of the file itself, but with the arrow in the lower left corner of the new icon.
    5. The created shortcut is dragged to the desktop.

    Create a shortcut "workaround" by

    In this way, you can create a shortcut to a file or directly from the desktop.

    1. Right-click on the desktop in any empty space.
    2. In the opened window, select the menu item "Create".In the new window that opens, select the �Label� menu item - another window will open.
    3. Next to the empty line of this window, we see the �Browse� button, and find the file (folder) we are interested in.
    4. We click with the left mouse button on this file so that it is highlighted with a marker and press the �OK� button.
    5. The blank line will contain the path to the document.
    6. Press the "Next" button and enter the name of the label.
    7. Click on the button "Done" - a shortcut will appear on the desktop.

    That's all the wisdom.

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