• How to improve relationships with your beloved

    Very often people behind vanity and daily affairs forget about the main thing. It is forgotten why a man and a woman meet or live together. Conducting shared life pushes feelings into the background, business and care are not the consequences of relationships, but an end in themselves. Think: for sure your loved one does not give pleasure to constantly see your frowning face. Even if you think about pressing problems and try for both of you, remember that you should be able to enjoy life. Watch out for yourself: maybe it’s your habit to cut your life partner for the junk that wasn’t taken out in time, for the dirty dishwasher in the sink? Do not play for your loved one the role of his mother or mentor. If he constantly lingers at work or is looking for excuses to disappear from home, it means that next to you he no longer feels joy.
    Try to switch from household trifles to your own feelings and sensations. Do only what is necessary. Forget morals and reproaches.If you need the help of a loved one, do not "saw" him with enviable regularity, but ask him. And reward a fulfilled request with a smile, a hug or a kiss - such as you were in the first days of your meetings.
    Add variety to your weekdays. Sometimes the routine sticks to every person. Then longing appears regardless of whether a loved one is near or not. It is necessary to break the usual scheme: home-work-home-work-shops, and again a house ... Yes, it is not so easy to show spontaneity when there are mandatory cases. Try to start small. At the weekend, instead of sleeping before dinner, get up early in the morning and go together with your loved one to the earliest session. Comedy, fantastic action movie or stupid melodrama. On weekdays, instead of the usual homemade dinner, have a bite to eat at any place that you think is pretty: a diner with good hamburgers, a Japanese restaurant, an ice cream parlor ... A new place, new people, a choice of new dishes will positively affect your overall mood. You can even change the usual route that you return from work. Make a date for the beloved man in the park, make a long walk, instead of announcing the stops on the subway, listen to the birds singing. You will come home late, but you will be much more rested.
    Make it a rule to say everything. Let's say you have stopped reproaching your loved one for forgotten bread. You make him pleasant surprises, make a variety in your life and leisure. But the relationship still leaves much to be desired. Call your loved one for a frank conversation. Let him express what does not suit him. In turn, do not save up in yourself dissatisfaction with some things, voice them. But such conversations should be constructive. Do not appeal to feelings of guilt. Do not manipulate others. Tell us what you feel exactly. Recognize the differences that exist between you. It should not be ashamed, nor afraid - all people are very different, and you should not be copies of each other. And then try to find a joint solution that suits both you and your loved one. Learn to feel where to compromise, and where you can stay with your opinion.
    For example, you agree to learn how to cook tomato soup, without which your loved one cannot live. But instead of traveling to the forest with tents, you can go visit your relatives in the cottage, where, unlike the forest, there are all amenities.Respecting the interests of the partner, learn to trust him as well.

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