• How to impress a girl?

    Often we meet articles about how a girl will like a guy, but as many studies show, it is the guys who are most worried at first dates and afraid to look ridiculous. Therefore, in this article we will try to solve the question of how to impress a girl and help young people feel more confident on their first dates.

    How to behave on the first date

    1. As you know, girls behave more freely in conversation when they first met, but this behavior is not allowed for a guy. Therefore, do not try to shower a girl with compliments about how beautiful her body and talking about sex, because you are not so close to discuss such topics. Also, do not bother with stories about your problems and do not continue the topic if you see that the girl is not interested, otherwise she will hasten to leave your company.
    2. Do not forget about your appearance. There should be no rumpled t-shirts or shirts, dirty clothes or shoes. Girls appreciate accuracy and cleanliness.
    3. Do not be afraid to show your features. Indeed, among the huge number of fans a girl must somehow remember you. And if you have a romantic nature, then do not hide it, because every girl dreams of sunsets and sunrises that you give her.
    4. Try to find out what she prefers in food, music, books, movies, etc. This will help make your pastime more enjoyable, for example, going to the cinema or to a concert. Actually, if you go on the first date, it is very easy to make an impression, you just need to talk about the topics of your partner's interests, and he will find this conversation very exciting.
    5. And of course, smile to your interlocutor, say compliments and look into your eyes, all this will help to gain her confidence. Remember, there will be no second chance to make a first impression. So you will have to try doubly.

    How to win a girl's heart

    Unfortunately, the information on how to make a first impression on a girl is not the key to a long relationship, it is just a small step. After all, a woman constantly needs to be surprised that her interest in you would not disappear.

    1. The first is, of course, flowers, because no female representative can resist such a gift. If you do not know what flowers she prefers, then you can give candies made in the form of a bouquet of flowers. If you know the preferences, you can give fresh flowers. But the most original option would be if one morning she brought flowers from you.
    2. Many women like to spend time extremely. Well, in such cases, you can arrange a balloon ride or jump with a parachute. She would surely remember this. In addition, psychologists say: "To quickly fall in love with a girl, you need to create a dangerous situation."
    3. You can give a woman an antique gift that will look very original. Of course, here we are not talking about the huge hours of the past centuries, beds and wardrobes. Choose a necklace or jewelry box.
    4. Not so long ago, the so-called “Butterfly Date” became popular. The very essence of such a date lies in the fabulous atmosphere of a particular park, where there is a similar proposal. You and your sweetheart are relaxing among interesting plants, you hear the noise of fountains and a large number of butterflies around you.
    5. You can make a poster.You have probably already seen similar ones on billboards, where you will reveal your feelings to any woman. But first, all the same, it’s worth finding out her opinion on such posters, because not all women like to put their relationships on public display.
    6. Sex in various places will also be interesting to many women. For example, in the park, in the elevator, on the beach, in the car or by car. All this will bring diversity to your relationship.

    Now you know not only how to make a good impression on a woman, but also how to capture her heart.

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