• How to hide a page in a contact?

    Julia Bukatova
    Julia Bukatova
    August 15, 2012
    How to hide a page in a contact?

    Virtual life in social networks practically leaves us no chance for at least some solitude. All your experiences are reflected in the status, the latest events - in photos and meetings, and best friends - in the list of friends online. But sometimes you want to be alone. At least on the page of your favorite site. Therefore, today I will tell you about how to hide a page from prying eyes in a contact.

    How to hide personal VKontakte page

    The developers of the Vkontakte website allowed their users to hide from prying eyes a list of communities, photos, video and audio recordings, a list of friends and gifts, a wall, and even the entire page. Simply select the correct privacy settings and enable them.

    Make it simple enough. First, find the “My Settings” section in the left column and open it. Then select the “Privacy” tab. If you want to completely hide the page from prying eyes, then in each of the tab items, select the answers “Only me” and “No one”.If you want to hide not the whole page or not from all friends - carefully read each of the suggested options and select the most suitable options for you. You can view the resulting changes by clicking on the link at the very bottom of the page. And do not forget to save all changes by clicking on the "Save" button.

    It is necessary to turn on the additional privacy settings with caution. Suddenly it will happen that a good friend or a very old friend will find you on the site, but will not even be able to write a message, not like sending a friend request. Therefore, think carefully before changing anything in the settings. In the end, the social network was designed specifically for communication, so maybe you should not completely protect yourself and your page from all users of the site.

    Enjoy your communication in the open spaces of the World Wide Web!

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