• How to grow pigeons?

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    How to grow pigeons?

    Pigeon is becoming an increasingly popular poultry. Besides the fact that they are very beautiful and intelligent birds, their meat also belongs to dietary foods. Pigeons are pretty naughty birds. In order to breed them, you need to know a lot of different nuances. We will try to briefly tell you how to grow pigeons.


    To begin with, it should be noted that the chicks hatch naked, without feathers, and their weight is only 13-18 grams. Immediately after hatching, the chicks are fed by pigeon milk, which is formed in the goiter of the parents. There are situations when the pigeons hatch before the formation of milk, in which case they should either be thrown into the nest to the nurse or artificially fed.

    You can learn more about feeding chicks from the article How to feed a chick. If you do not know how to feed adult pigeons, read about it in the article How to feed pigeons.


    In order to constantly improve the quality of the tribe, the pigeon breeder must know exactly the origin, age and characteristics of each pigeon. For this purpose, the banding of birds is carried out.It ensures the correct use of pigeons with a pedigree and insures against errors. Banding is usually carried out at 7-8 days of life. Three fingers on the leg of the chick are put together, gently put on the ring and carefully pass the fourth finger. The ring should be free to sit on the foot, but not slide off it.


    Another very important aspect of breeding pigeons is their training. Each breed must be trained in its own way. Before you begin training the birds, you should tame them - if the chick is afraid of the owner, then he will not obey him. Training should begin when the chicks reach the age of one and a half to two months. For starters, they should be released only in an open-air cage, so that the chicks learn to enter the pigeon house and exit. It takes an average of 3-4 days. Further, the same number of days they are released on the roof of the house - for the birds to explore the surroundings. If there comes a time when young birds fly for about 30-40 minutes, then it�s time to train them with adult birds that are easier to train.

    It is necessary to train pigeons so that they know their place and in any case would return home.

    Following all the rules, you can breed good pigeons.

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