• How to grow greens?

    Greenery is not only a worthy decoration of the dish, but also a very useful product. In addition, spicy grass has a fragrant smell and amazing taste. Consider how to grow greens.

    How to grow greens at home

    Not everyone has a summer cottage or garden. However, it is quite possible to build a miniature seedlings directly on the windowsill.

    Green onions

    1. As a planting material, you can choose "sevok" (small bulbs) or ordinary onions. In the first case, the crop will come up small, however, the onion leaves will be tender. In the second case, the green will be more, and the pen itself will be larger.
    2. Onions can be planted in the soil or just put the onion in a small container with water or solution. (It is important that the liquid touches only the roots of the bulb. It is recommended to pre-scald the bulb with hot water. Frequent replacement of fluid is required.) However, the second method is fraught with the rapid rotting of the product.
    3. It will not be superfluous to add special biological preparations to the soil for additional nutrition, accelerating growth and protection from the environment. (For example, you can add hydrogel powder to the ground).
    4. Pour a layer of expanded clay in small plastic boxes (to absorb excess moisture). Then lay a layer of soil (about half of the box). The bulbs must be planted close to each other (it is not recommended to dig deep roots).
    5. For a quick harvest, it is recommended to plant the bulbs with already sprouted roots.


    1. You can grow parsley using seeds or roots. The second method allows you to get greens much faster.
    2. Cover the container with moist soil (you can add a hydrogel) and plant healthy roots.
    3. If you plant seeds, then make sure that the seedlings receive a sufficient amount of light (for rapid growth, you can pre-soak the seeds in the agro preparation).
    4. Water the soil as needed.


    1. Put on a plate of wet cheesecloth and spread the salad seeds.
    2. Add water as the rag dries.
    3. After seven to ten days, you can harvest and fill up new seeds.

    How to grow greens in the garden


    1. Sowing seeds of lettuce is made in the grooves of moist soil at a short distance from each other (no more than one centimeter deep).
    2. After sowing, it is necessary to tamp the soil.
    3. It is very important to keep the soil moist (periodically it is necessary to loosen the soil for air access).


    1. Sow the seeds in a moist soil (distance between rows of at least twenty centimeters).
    2. Watch the soil moisture, as the greens like moisture (otherwise it can dry out quickly).
    3. Harvest about seven days later (you can immediately fill the seeds for the next batch of greens).


    1. Soak the seeds for three days and dry.
    2. Sow the seed bed (to a depth of two centimeters).
    3. It is desirable that the landing site was sunny.
    4. Parsley needs regular watering.
    5. After cutting the green need to water the bed and fertilize the soil.


    1. Sow the seed bed (to a depth of three centimeters).
    2. Fertilizer is recommended for rapid growth.
    3. In the cold season it is recommended to wrap the shoots with a blanket.

    Tips on how to grow onions, you will find in our other article.

    Growing greens for sale

    If you have enough space for planting crops, then you can grow greens not only for the house, but also for its realization.

    Parsley, dill and green onions are in great demand.Moreover, on the shelves of stores are often represented already sluggish greens, and prices are not cheap. Therefore, a fresh crop is a hot topic for many consumers.

    Such a business does not require any special expenses (the price of seeds is acceptable), and the profit from operations is quite high.

    By the way, you can grow greens in the basement. But in this case, you need to take care of the light source. It is better to use energy-saving lamps for this purpose. You can also wrap containers (pots, containers) with foil paper.

    Before you start, you need to decide on the market. This may be an arrangement with a local grocery store or vegetable shop.

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