• How to grow beets?

    Beetroot is a perennial herb. The most famous members of this family are:

    • Beet ordinary;
    • Fodder beet;
    • Sugar beet.

    Each root contains many nutrients, vitamins, which adjust the system of the human body. For example, the content of iodine in it is such that it helps with diseases of the thyroid gland to ensure a normal level of iodine in the body. How to grow good beets with excellent taste and high levels of vitamins in it? The most delicious harvest of beets can be obtained on a loose, organically rich neutral soil. But, under the beets never make fresh manure - this is a direct way to accumulate nitrates in the fruit. It is best to place a place for planting beets in the area where zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage and potatoes were planted before - fertilizer and manure were brought there before.

    Mineral fertilizer significantly affects the yield of beets. The early harvest of this vegetable is highly dependent on the level of nitrogen in the soil. To get about 3 kilograms per square meter of soil, it is necessary to add 11 grams of nitrogen to this area.If at the early stages of plant growth there is no nitrogen, then this greatly hinders the process of assimilation of phosphorus from the soil, so the harvest of beets will be much less than necessary. If the beets are without phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and acid appears in the soil, then:

    • The leaf grows dull;
    • All the leaves turn red after a few weeks.

    Of course, the quality of beets always depends on its variety. Therefore, it is worth checking the seeds and different types of beets that take root in your soil.

    How to plant beets

    Almost all beet varieties must be sown so that the rows do not interfere with each other, then thin out the seedlings, leaving a gap of 4-6 cm between them. But seeds of a single-growth variety do not need thinning, because one sprout germinates. The size of the root depends on the thickness of the crop. Large beets grow when sowing 40 seeds per square meter. Then each beet grows more than 10 cm in diameter. Of course, it is possible to grow smaller beets. To do this, leave a distance between the rows of 25 cm, and between plants - 5-9 cm. Irrigation has a strong influence on the beet harvest. Air drought is bad for beet sprouts.When you have planted seeds, they require watering at least once a week for a month. It is best to do watering before sunset.

    How to plant beets at the right time? To get the earliest harvest, it is necessary in March to sow the seeds in pots, and in April to move the seedlings under the film. Such beets you collect in July. To get an early harvest from podzimnii sowing, before the cold you need to sow the seeds in the prepared beds. This is done so that the seeds do not have time to grow before winter. Be sure to mulch the rows with peat or humus.

    In order to get the autumn harvest, beets must be sown at the end of April. If it is still cold, the crop is covered with a film or non-woven material. The maximum late sowing of beets is the end of May. If you want to plant beets later, then it simply does not make sense: in order to keep the roots well, they normally form for 90-110 days from mass shoots. Harvesting beets occurs from late September to early October. Such beets are best suited for winter storage.

    How to grow beets so as to get a rich harvest? Never forget to loosen the land between the rows of planted beets all the time until the harvest. This is especially useful to do after watering or precipitation.This should be done carefully so as not to damage the beet roots. Remember about the various diseases of beets that can take you by surprise. Observe the condition of the leaves of the plant. If various spots are visible on them, they will become lethargic or the parasite will start eating them, do not forget to take immediate action: process the beets with special means, fertilize and monitor the condition of the plants. Then you get a good and rich harvest of beets!

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