• How to give birth to a completely healthy baby?

    In order for your child to be born and grow up healthy, it is necessary to conduct a thorough planning of this event and start preparing for a few months before conception.

    No matter how sad it may be, but many married couples ignore these recommendations and hope to “come out”, which leads to sad consequences.

    Where to begin?

    If you are convinced that you are ready to become a parent, then you need to go straight to a specialized doctor, to a medical center. There you will be assigned the necessary examinations and analyzes that will need to be carried out in order to get the most accurate and correct advice about exactly your case.

    Approximately two months before the planned conception, it is necessary to give up all bad habits and try to go on a completely healthy lifestyle, not only for the future mother of the child, but also for the father.

    During this period, it will be useful to use folic acid (400 mcg per day), which affects the further harmonious development of the fetus, the absence of all kinds of disorders during pregnancy and the absence of various diseases.

    Take care of yourself, avoid stress, choose the right diet, filled with vitamins and minerals, try to avoid overwork and the possibility of viral and colds. It is with such simple rules that preparation for the birth of a healthy child begins.

    Hooray, we are pregnant!

    After the first days of the delay, you made a test that showed two treasured strips. It is necessary to wait another 7-10 days from the beginning of the delay in menstruation, after which you can go to the gynecologist.

    You will most likely be assigned an ultrasound scan, where you can examine the fetus in the uterus, assess its size and “attach”. After 2 weeks, you will be assigned a comprehensive examination that you must perform: a visit to a therapist, dentist, ophthalmologist and other specialists. Analyzes will surely be assigned, they may be different, everything will depend on the specific case and your personal physiology.

    Thus, there comes a period of "fetal education of the fetus." Any normal parent wants their children to get all the best and necessary.

    The balanced and harmonious state of the future mother is an important point of those that affect the health of an unborn child.

    Try to get only positive moments from pregnancy - enjoy your condition, read interesting books, you should not leave feeling beautiful - watch beautiful films, be interested in works of art and creativity, listen to beautiful music, better classics, more often be in the fresh air and communicate with you pleasant by people.

    If you live in a large and noisy city, then, of course, it would be ideal to spend a pregnancy period somewhere outside the city or in a quiet province. There you can devote yourself only to your condition, breathe fresh air and admire the beauty of the surrounding world. A prerequisite is that you must realize your condition, learn to understand the meaning of the word "Mother."

    Healthy lifestyle

    The fundamental rule of a successful course of any pregnancy is proper nutrition, as well as a well-planned daily diet. It is better for pregnant women to refuse sweet and farinaceous dishes that are too salty and spicy.

    It is better to exclude carbonated drinks, with an exception may be salted mineral water, from which excess gases are removed.

    During pregnancy, it is necessary to take care of the cardiovascular system, and too strong tea or coffee is an extra burden on it. Try to food was mostly homemade, without various additives and impurities, with the addition of only natural products. Eating fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish and meat, natural juices will be very useful during pregnancy.

    All these products contain vital and essential trace elements for the normal and timely development of the fetus.

    Taking a vitamin during pregnancy is commendable, but it is worth remembering that excessive consumption of artificial vitamin complexes may adversely affect the health of the unborn child.

    As practice shows, most expectant mothers love to engage in the "self-designation" of vitamins. Before you start taking one or another type of drugs, be sure to consult with your doctor.

    What is it fraught with? Well, for example, excessive consumption of vitamin A can cause the development of various defects in an infant: disorders of the skeleton, brain, eyeballs. And an excess of vitamin D leads to an excess of calcium in the developing fetus, which can lead to impaired mental development.


    • Do not suppose at all that if you are pregnant, then you need to rest constantly. Yes, rest is necessary as accumulation of fatigue, but movement is a mandatory item in this period.
    • Walk, walk, you can enroll in special gymnastics for pregnant women, where special sets of exercises and loads are developed, which are necessary for the formation and proper development of the future baby.
    • You can visit the pool, aqua aerobics exercises will be able to prepare well the muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back, which will have to work hard when the baby is born. Pools are good, but open reservoirs are not very much, because swimming in them is very easy to catch an infection.
    • Try to limit yourself from all sorts of diseases and viruses, as rarely as possible appear in places that are crowded with people, watch your hygiene - wash your hands more often. With all this, do not forget to visit doctors, follow their recommendations and visit the ultrasound in time. This procedure will allow you to monitor the condition and development of the fetus - you will be able to see everything in real time - vital organs and other necessary indicators.
    • Try to read as many books of the subject you are interested in during and before pregnancy, you should be savvy in this matter. After all, unfortunately, doctors also come across different ones, so you should know about what and how should happen and happen with each new day of your interesting position.

    If you approach seriously the issue of pregnancy planning, will be well-read in this matter, adhering to the recommendations of the doctor and book advice, then a healthy and happy baby will be born.

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