• How to get to Vidnoe?

    January 13, 2015
    How to get to Vidnoe?

    Prominent is one of the satellite cities of Moscow, which won the competition in 2006 as the most comfortable city of Russia with a population of less than one hundred thousand people. The city is divided into two parts by the Paveletsky railway direction and the M-4 highway. One part is built up according to the urban modern type and has a developed infrastructure, thanks to which the city won its title in 2006. The second part is the private sector, built up on the type of dacha.

    Despite the fact that the city of Vidnoe is located only four kilometers from Moscow to the south, not every Muscovite and guest of the capital knows how to get to Vidnoe from Moscow. Consider this question further.

    How to get to Vidnoe from Moscow

    The city of Vidnoe from Moscow can be reached by various means of transport, namely

    • On the train. From Paveletsky railway station, daily trains go through the city of Vidnoe. Travel time is approximately 35 minutes. This is the easiest way to get without traffic jams and traffic jams
    • By bus.From the metro stations Domodedovskaya and Kantemirovskaya there are shuttle buses and taxis to Vidnoe. The journey takes about thirty minutes without taking into account the situation on the roads. You can also take a bus to Domodedovo from the Schelkovskogo bus station and get off at the Vidnoye bus stop. However, you should consider traffic jams and congestion on the roads at a certain time of day
    • By car. From the Moscow Ring Road, you need to turn on Warsaw highway and after four kilometers on Vidnoye. You can also turn from the Moscow Ring Road to Kashirskoye Highway, drive seven kilometers and turn onto Warsaw Highway to Vidnoe. If you are located in the closest areas to the city of Vidnoe, then this is a great option to get there quickly. From distant areas of Moscow, the path may drag on for hours due to traffic jams and traffic jams;
    • Order a taxi. Since Vidnoe is located close to Moscow, a taxi can cost less expensive, but significantly more expensive than any other type of transport.

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