• How to get to the Belarusian station?

    Belorussky Railway Station is located on Tverskaya Zasta Square. It serves the destinations of the western and northern regions of Russia, as well as the near and far abroad (in particular, many trains travel to Belarus), some transit trains. There are many opportunities to get to the station from different parts of the capital.

    Consider the different options of how to get to the Belarusian station

    From airport

    For greater convenience of passengers between the Belorussky railway station and Sheremetyevo airport, aeroexpress trains are established. They move in both directions daily, without breaks and weekends. And the transport starts every 30 minutes. Travel time is 35 minutes. The last flight from the station departs at 00.30 hours, and the first - at 5 am.

    From various metro stations

    • Art. m. The street in 1905. There are a lot of options, and therefore it will be easy to get to Belorussky railway station. You can get there by bus No. 12 (5 stops), by trolley buses No. 18, 54 (5 stops) or by more expensive, but also faster route taxis No. 254m, 318m, 461m (5 stops).
    • Art. m. Barrikadnaya, Krasnopresnenskaya.The choice is small - bus number 116 (go closer than from some other stations, 7 stops).
    • Art. m. Maryina Roshcha. Trolleybus number 18 takes you to your destination (go 8 stops).
    • Art. m. Exhibition, International. You will need bus number 12 (the path is not the closest - 11 stops).
    • Art. m. Riga. Trolleybus 18 will help you (there are 12 stops from the station).
    • Art. m. Kutuzovskaya. And again bus number 116 will help you (but it will take longer from this station - 13 stops).
    • Art. m. Filevsky Park. From here, from the Belorussky railway station there is a trolleybus No. 54 (you will have to drive 17 stops), a minibus No. 254m (get ready to cross 19 stops).
    • Art. m. Fili. Among all the metro stations listed, this one is located farthest from the station. Take the bus number 116, you go to the whole 20 stops.

    From various railway stations, stations

    • Stancolite You need a bus number 12 (go 9 stops).
    • Testovskaya. Here the choice of transport is very large, and therefore to get to the Belorussky railway station will not be work. Bus number 12 (go 10 stops), trolley bus No. 54 (10 stops), route taxis No. 254m and 461m (11 stops to the destination).
    • Timiryazevskaya. Quite removed from the station. You will need to take the bus number 12 (20 stops).

    From all the stations of the capital to get to the Belorussky railway station will be most convenient by metro. The terminal station will be Art. m. Belarusian ring.

    • Paveletsky railway station. You will need to go to the metro station Paveletskaya and drive 6 stops to the station. m. Belarusian ring. On the road will take about 15 minutes.
    • Kiev. From Art. Kyivska 2 stops, about 6 minutes on the way.
    • Kursk railway station. Go from the station. m. Kurskaya 4 stops (about 11 minutes).
    • The area of ​​three stations (Leningrad, Kazan and Yaroslavl). On the transition to go to the subway. Sit down at st. Komsomolskaya and drive 3 stops (approximately 8 minutes).
    • Savelovsky station. Sit down at st. m. Savelovskaya, drive 1 stop to the station. Mendeleevskaya, then get out of the train and go to the station. Novoslobodskaya ring line. From it, drive 1 stop to the Belorusskaya roundabout (about 7 minutes in total).
    • Riga. Sit down at st. m. Riga, drive 1 stop, go to the ring line, Art. m. Prospect Mira. From her drive 2 stops to the station. Just about 10 minutes on the road.

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