• How to get rubies?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    January 23, 2013
    How to get rubies?

    The most valuable items in the game "Wormix" are considered rubies, players get them throughout the game. The creators of the game specially added these precious items to facilitate the game to users.

    How to use rubies in the game?

    In the game "Wormix" there is a unique economic system, which is based on the use of two currencies. The most common currency is “fuzzy”, which allow you to acquire the usual game items. The second currency is "rubies", which are intended for the purchase of elite gaming items. In addition, rubies can be converted to fuzes, if for any reason they are not missed. It is worth noting that rubies are very rare, so getting them is pretty hard. That is why many players are interested in how to get rubies to make it easier for them to play.

    With a solid supply of rubies, the game worm will have many advantages. First, thanks to these precious stones, it is easier to add a friendly worm to the team.Secondly, thanks to the rubies, the player can buy weapons that are not available for buying for fuses at a certain level.

    Ways to get rubies

    There are two ways to get rubies in Wormix, which are used very actively by many players. First of all, it is worth noting the official ways to get these gems. The most popular way is to buy game rubies. The cost of three playing stones is one vote. To purchase this currency, a player just needs to visit the “Bank” in the game and make a contribution.

    In honor of some holidays, game developers make original gifts in the form of rubies. Also on some maps you can find these rare stones. Of course, friends in the game can make a gift in the form of voices, which later change to rubies.

    If these tips did not help to answer the question of how to get free rubies, then you should pay attention to tournaments that are held quite often between high-level players. You can make some bets, in case of winning this will increase the player's ruby ​​stocks.

    The game has a feature called “Theft”.Once a day, the player can go to the game page to his friend and search his vault. As a result of such a search, the player has a chance to get several fuzz or one ruby. It is important to remember that other thieves can do this much faster, so do not hesitate.

    There are also many unofficial ways to get rubies, which involve the creation of multiple accounts or the addition of unfamiliar people as friends in order to play Wormix. However, you should not abuse this kind of wrap, since upon receiving more than 10 rubies per day, a special filter in the game will respond to such fraud and ban accanut.

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