• How to get rid of itchy scalp

    You will need
    • Ivy-like budra grass, cranberries, wild rosemary grass, Cheremitsa roots, lard, burdock roots, eggs, oregano, chamomile, garlic.
    Pediculosis. Itchy cause small bloodsucking insects. In order to remove the problem, you need to get rid of them. Take 20 g of ivy-like budr grass and cover it with 100 ml of 9% vinegar. Insist overnight and apply to rubbing into the scalp 2 times a day.
    Mix 2 tablespoons of herbal wild rosemary and hellebore roots. Add to them 30 grams of heated pork fat. For 12 hours, insist in a warm place. Make sure the fat is not frozen. Strain and rub for about a week 2 times a day into the scalp.
    10 days rub into the scalp juice cranberries.
    Seborrhea. Violation of the greasiness of the glands. It is dry and oily. It usually develops during stresses and diseases of the digestive tract. For oily seborrhea, boil 2 tablespoons of burdock root in a glass of water. Cook for a quarter of an hour.A day later, grease the scalp with a decoction.
    Beat 2 egg whites well and rub into the hair roots. After the head dries, wash your head with sulfuric soap.
    When dry seborrhea 2 times a week, lubricate the scalp with burdock oil and roll with polyethylene and a warm cloth. After 2 hours, rinse off the compress with regular shampoo. The course of treatment lasts a month.
    1 part oregano pour 15 parts boiling water and leave to infuse for a couple of hours. Use for rinsing. Rinse should be several times a day, three times a week. The course is three weeks.
    Dermatophytoses. This is a fungal infection of the skin. The main symptom is hair loss in the affected area. Prepare a chamomile extract. A tablespoon of flowers pour 300 ml of hot water and leave for half an hour. Rub into the affected area of ​​the head 30 minutes before washing the hair.
    Squeeze the juice from the cloves of garlic and rub it into the affected place.
    Dry skin. In order to soften dry scalp, use a nourishing mask. You can prepare them from those products that are constantly available in your home. These are apples, cottage cheese, eggs, carrots, potatoes.

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