• How to get rid of excess skin

    Do sports. Excess skin looks aesthetic only with a sufficient degree of muscle development, but the main thing is their harmonious, even distribution. The development of the abdominal muscles and lower back not only removes excess skin, but also forms a "muscular corset" that maintains proper posture. Pull up on the crossbeams, swim, swing the press. Lie on your stomach, lift your legs, knees bent at the knees and cross your feet. Lean your hands in front of you. At the same time, the spine remains absolutely straight, and the abdominal muscles are strongly tense. Hands bend and straighten.
    Massage problem areas of the bath mitten before taking a bath or shower. Then the water will wash away all the scales of the deadskin, blood circulation and oxygen supply to the cells will improve. In addition, cells stimulated in this way will react more intensively to the douche. However, if the glove is a little rough for your sensitiveskinuse it directly during water treatment. After the shower, care for your body. Massage into the skin an oil containing herbal extracts. Such funds have a charitable effect on the skin. After 2-3 weeks you will not hesitate to appear on the beach, the stadium, in the gym and undress.
    Particularly frustrating for women is sagging face skin. Try contrasting diving. Take 2 medium sized bowls to fit your face. Fill one with hot water, the other with ice. In turn, dip your face in one bowl, then in another. Then apply a soothing cream on your face. Contact your beautician. Specialist help really works wonders.

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