• How to get rid of cystitis

    Especially a lot of discomfort cystitis delivers the initial stage. Cutting pains during urination may alternate with dull and burning pain, and urine may be mixed with blood.

    The inflammatory process begins as a result of hypothermia, abuse of heavy and spicy foods, alcoholic beverages. Quite often, cystitis appears in early pregnancy, due to stagnation and chronic constipation.

    In case of acute cystitis, the help of a doctor is necessary, which can be called at home if the pain is extremely strong.

    You can cure cystitis at home, but only if the disease is uneventful.

    First aid for cystitis should initially be aimed at reducing pain. They can be removed with a warm compress, putting it on the bladder area. But it is possible to act in this way only if the cause of the pain is clearly clear and the diagnosis is confirmed by a qualified specialist.

    If the pain is quite painful, then analgesics can not do. At home, candles with belladonna (belladonna extract) and anesthesin, as well as tablets of analgin and amidopirin (pyramidone) will help get rid of cystitis. Well relieve bouts of cystitis antispasmodic.

    At home, you can also make microclysters with amidopyrin (pyramidone). The inflammatory process must be stopped by appropriate anti-inflammatory drugs. In particular, it is urinary antiseptics - nitrofurans.

    During the treatment of the disease, it is necessary to follow a strict diet, not to allow yourself excess food, to avoid spicy and fatty foods on the table. Also be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

    Cystitis can not be underestimated.

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