• How to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment?

    Bedbugs have a special place among other insects. According to the structure, they do not have wings, but they do great damage and damage to humanity, their property and health.

    Therefore, when these parasites are found, people begin to look for ways to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment. Fighting them has a number of features, as these pests are well resistant to various chemicals and poisons. Not all tools that are good for killing cockroaches and moths are suitable for them, as they quickly adapt to all substances.

    Insect Harm

    These insects appear in places of recreation of people, such as bedding, mattresses, beds, causing tremendous discomfort. Unlike ants and cockroaches, which spoil only food, bugs encroach on human skin. They quietly move through the body and leave their bites there. At first, many people do not even realize their presence, which is another danger. Although they are not viral pathogens, but they are carriers of various diseases.Bites lead to allergic reactions, anemia, the formation of wounds and pustules, into which bacteria enter. They cause hostility, discomfort, pain, and many other problems.

    First of all, you should consider the main methods of exterminating this type of pest.

    Methods of control and destruction of parasites

    Unlike ants, which in most cases are not destroyed, bedbugs require complete disposal of them. Since after their expulsion, they often return, infecting everything around.

    There are many tools and methods available to combat insects. The choice depends on the ability of each person. Consider the most common methods of how to get rid of bed bugs.

    • Folk methods. These include the use of herbs with an unpleasant smell, such as wormwood. Also used vinegar and denatured alcohol. These methods are the cheapest. But it is better not to resort to them, because they are not effective. The effect of their use is not proven.
    • Mechanical. Extermination of pests with the help of available tools, such as a vacuum cleaner. Not effective. Bedbugs may return in time. It requires time and effort.
    • chemicalsChemicals. The fastest, most common and effective method. There are different forms of drug consistency: powder, liquids, sprays and aerosols, such as Hangman, Malathion, microfos and others. This method can be used independently, at any time of the year, without using expensive equipment. The disadvantages include possible allergic reactions and poisoning. When using, remove all inhabitants from the treatment area.
    • Using different temperatures. Get rid of bedbugs by washing clothes, processing with ice or boiling water. Very time consuming procedure. It often requires calling an expensive pest control service. Not suitable for all homes and not for every season. May lead to undesirable consequences. The advantage is that this procedure does not use chemicals that affect human health. Suitable for allergies.
    • Biological. Refers to the latest methods of struggle. When it uses new parasites or mold fungi that destroy bedbugs. This method is not fully understood and rarely used in everyday life.

    Despite the presence of a large selection of ways to deal with bedbugs, you need to take a responsible approach to their choice. With a strong infection, it is better to contact a professional pest control service in order to protect yourself and your family once more. The result is not long in coming.

    These methods will only work if they are used immediately in identifying parasites and following the instructions and prompts. When carrying out such measures, you need to process the entire apartment or house at once. Since bedbugs can, just move to another room. All methods require a comprehensive and serious approach.

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