• How to flash your psp?

    Speaking about the firmware of any device, follow the basic software of this device. In other words, the firmware fills your phone or handheld set-top box with the features you need. In our article we will talk only about game consoles, namely, how to flash your PSP (PlayStation Portable).

    As a rule, after purchasing a set-top box, the user has a device with the factory firmware. But due to the fact that applications and games are constantly updated, there is a need to update the firmware of any device. This, of course, applies to the PSP, and any other gaming console.

    How to flash PSP?

    Most likely, the reader will be interested to learn about the methods of firmware, which do not imply an appeal to the "professionals" or friends programmers, although these methods are not at all worse than the one that will be discussed now. Let's figure out how to independently flash the PSP.

    First of all, you need to understand that not all models of this manufacturer respond to the firmware. As the most "tolerant" to the firmware devices, as a rule, include PSP Go and PSP 3000.If you, dear reader, are the happy owner of these devices, then you need to do the following:

    1. The first is to upgrade your console using the official firmware to version 5.03. If updates are installed, you can move to step 2.
    2. Go online and look for a firmware called ChickHEN. It is important to consider this. Many versions of this software offered for download simply do not work due to the fact that they are hopelessly outdated. Therefore, you should look for the version of ChickHEN R2.
    3. Connect your console to your computer using USB connections. Locate the downloaded ChickHEN file and run the installation. Now open the PSP through the computer. Go to the "Photos" folder and scroll to the very end.
    4. In case the prefix hangs on and off, you need to repeat step 3 several times. When installing ChickHEN, this situation is normal and predictable. Several attempts should solve this problem.
    5. After successful installation, the firmware in the Settings of your PSP will look like 5.03 ChickHEN R2 (do not forget to launch the software update in the console itself). This means that the firmware is installed successfully and you have the opportunity to download and install other software that will definitely appear in the future.

    How to flash an already flashed PSP?

    This is a very important question for any advanced user.New firmware over the old implies updating the firmware version. If we are talking about the base of ChickHEN R2, then you need to follow the updates and periodically download them. This version of the firmware is always attached with a description of the updates and how to install them. In addition, many versions can be installed in automatic mode.

    Finally, we note that the flash PSP - the task is not the most difficult, but requires attention to detail. If you do not succeed, you should contact the services of programmers. It will not be expensive. Successes!

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