• How to flash Odin?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    February 1, 2015
    How to flash Odin?

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    How to flash Odin?

    Program One (Odin) is a great tool that allows you to flash Samsung smartphones. Samsung uses this program from Windows to update software on phones in recovery mode.

    In this article we will figure out how to flash your smartphone with Odin.

    Flash the smartphone

    1. Before the firmware itself, it’s worth backing up the efs folder so that, if all else fails, all data is saved. Next, in the task manager, you must delete all the processes that have Kies.
    2. After that, you need to run the program One (you can download one of the versions). If this program was not previously installed on a PC, then you need to install the necessary drivers that come with the program. To get root-rights, you need to run the program and remove the checkmarks near the Re-Partition and Auto Reboot.
    3. In the "Files" area, tick the PDA item and specify the path to the file. In the archive with the firmware that was unpacked, you must select the file that has the greatest weight and in the name the word CODE.
    4. Then you need to turn on the phone and hold down the volume, power and select key, so you can enter the Odin Mode. When the window appears on the screen, you need to hold down the volume up key to confirm the action.
    5. Next, you need to connect your phone to your computer using USB. A yellow color will appear on the screen and the port number will be visible. Now press the "Start" button. If the process is done correctly, the screen will turn green and reboot.
    6. After switching on, you can see what exactly has changed in the phone and how it works. If everything is good, it means that you managed to flash your phone yourself.

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