• How to flash a Nokia phone?

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    How to flash a Nokia phone?

    Many companies are engaged in flashing phones, from large service centers to individuals. As a rule, phone users are afraid to flash phones themselves. In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. In this article we will explain in detail how to flash the Nokia phone in case you want to update the software yourself or get rid of the errors in the operating system of your device.

    Firmware phone, as a rule, deprives you of the possibility to continue to receive warranty service. In particular, this applies to firmware from third-party developers, the so-called custom firmware.

    Before installing the firmware, make sure that the battery of your device is at least half charged and make a backup (create a backup of the data from the phone).

    Create backup

    Perform the following procedure:

    1. Install and run the program on your computer.
    2. Connect your phone to your computer using a usb cable.
    3. Select your phone model from the list.
    4. Select Backup - Next.
    5. Select the file types you would like to save - Next.
    6. Select the folder to save backup.
    7. Wait until the end of the process and click OK.

    Official firmware

    If you plan to use the official firmware, we recommend that you do this with a special application for Nokia owners.

    Before you blunt the firmware, configure the display of hidden folders on your PC by going to My Computer - Folder Options - View and select the appropriate menu item:

    1. Download the program and the file of the firmware itself that you plan to install.
    2. Locate the Nokia folder on drive C, and the Nokia Service Layer is in it - A -nsl_service_module_00001 - vpls-www.dsut.online.nokia.com.oti.caresuite - Products-rm - ***, where the asterisks will be the model of your phone .
    3. In the specified folder, place all the files unpacked from the firmware file.
    4. Connect your phone to your computer via usb cable in PC Suite mode.
    5. Launch Nokia Software Update and click Start.
    6. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    7. NSU will automatically find updates for your phone model on the Internet, it will display a corresponding message on the screen. Click Refresh.
    8. Wait until the installation of new software.

    Custom update

    In order to install custom firmware or firmware from a different phone model, you need to download and install drivers for your device and program on your computer:

    1. Connect your device to your computer via usb cable in PC Suite mode.
    2. Launch Phoenix.
    3. It is necessary that the program finds your phone. Set up the phone's USB connection to the computer.
    4. Click File - Scan Product.
    5. Then go to the Flashing menu - Firmware Update.
    6. In the Product Code menu, select Russian or Cyrillic and click Refurbish.
    7. Wait until the end of the firmware. At the end, you will see the Product flashing succeeded window.

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