• How to finish a steam room

    First of all, you should be aware that it is not possible to use chipboard and fibreboard for covering the walls of the steam room. These materials, combined with mineral wool plates and polystyrene foam, are suitable only for interior decoration of dressing rooms. The reason for the unsuitability of these materials is high hygroscopicity and low flammability.
    When interior decoration baths are most often used conifers: spruce, pine. Linden and aspen are also suitable for decoration.
    The floor in the steam room can be clay, earthen, concrete and even covered with ceramic tiles. The main requirement for the material that gets the floor - to ensure the rapid removal of water from the bath. The quality of floor insulation does not affect the properties of the bath, since the temperature at the floor level is relatively low.
    Remember that if, after visiting a steam room, you get up on a cold floor, you can experience something like a heat stroke, the strength of which depends on the thermal inertia of the material with which the floor is finished.On this basis, in the steam room, it is recommended to cover the floor with flooring or fibrous mats.
    Wooden or tile floor in the steam room does not require insulation. Tile is different in that it does not require intensive care for themselves. But a wooden coating in a couple of years can lose its presentable appearance. Sometimes on a tile in a steam room put removable wooden lattice.
    Finishing floors with synthetic materials, such as linoleum, is absolutely unacceptable. Such a coating at high temperatures will begin to emit harmful gases into the room.
    Any floor should have a small slope for the care of water and sewage. Drain hole should be siphoned so that no unpleasant odors from the sewage system pass through it.
    When trimming the floor in a steam room, remember that for a small bath, the floor is laid on special logs that rest not on the wall, but on the bottom trim.

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