• How to find your soul mate?

    The idea that everyone is looking for a soul mate actually belongs to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. It was in his work "Feast" one of the interlocutors who spoke about love told the legend of Andragin - a man who consisted of two principles - male and female. However, then God separated these halves. And now they wander around the world in search of each other.

    You can believe in the legend, but you can not believe it. But today, many people, both young people and mature men and women, are preoccupied with the search for their half, congenial, loved one.

    Unfortunately, the current rhythm of life is such that there is not enough time to search for love. People live in big cities. Spend a lot of time at work. A lot of strength takes them back and forth. With such a tight schedule, you can hardly find your soul mate.

    However, do not despair. And in no case should one take a passive, wait-and-see attitude. No wonder the ancient people said: he who seeks always finds.

    Where to look

    Puzzled by how to find a soul mate, many at the same time admit that they are practically nowhere to be found. But this is fundamentally wrong. To be somewhere you need to constantly. After all, you can find a decent person among your acquaintances in the cinema, theater, exhibition, skating rink, pool, gym, on the sports field, in the club, on the Internet, at the institute, at work, on vacation, during a walk with dog, in the marriage agency, finally.

    What prevents us

    Just do not need complexes, dwell on their shortcomings, consider themselves unworthy of love. One does not like his height, the other - his weight, the third - his salary. All this is often contrived. Not everyone likes the model, someone loves fatties. And to someone in general, they like the proud eagle profile of a long-nosed man. People have different tastes. And on every pot, as they say, there is a tire. It is not true that all women are mercenary, and men - their own ... that all the good people have already been dismantled. If this were the case, we would not see people luminous with happiness walking, holding hands.

    They found each other because they were searching, because they were not afraid to start a conversation, ask about something, take a closer look, listen to another.And even those who dare to search for the halves, love themselves, they are confident in themselves, are aware of their uniqueness and value, accept themselves as they are.

    In search of your soulmate

    In fact, on these searches should not get hung up. You just need to live. Do not like the appearance - go to the gym, pump up the biceps, press, change the hairstyle. You do not know what to start a conversation with the person you like, start reading more. You look, in the process of correcting your own shortcomings, suddenly there will be that one or only one. The main thing is not to dwell on the problem - the universe does not like tension.

    And it is also desirable to be always fully prepared. After all, no one knows when fate will cut him a piece from a happy pie. Therefore, you need to constantly take care of yourself, always neatly and stylishly dressed, watch your speech and manners.


    However, on how to find a soul mate, you can also tell fortunes. This method has been known since the days of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

    From the deck of cards you need to pull the four kings and put them under the pillow, saying: "Who is my betrothed, who is my disguise, dream me in a dream."If a peak king is dreamed up, the groom will be either old or jealous, red - young and rich, the cross - military or businessman. If the king of diamonds appears in a dream, then the girl should be married to the desired.

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