• How to find Word?

    August 31, 2014
    How to find Word?

    Microsoft Office software, of which Word is not installed on a personal computer along with the Windows operating system, will have to be additionally downloaded. However, if you are sure that it should be among your files, try using the following search methods.

    Where to look

    Click the "Start" button on your desktop, then select the "All Programs" command from the Main Menu. In the next tab, find the entry Microsoft Office, and then Microsoft Word. After that, a text editor window will open and you can start working in the Word.

    In the future, to be able to quickly access the program, you can pin the Word in the Start menu. To do this, find the inscription Microsoft Word, click on it with the right mouse button and select in the drop-down menu the "Pin to me" Start "command." You can also create a shortcut: to do this, drag the program icon to the desktop. Now when you click on a shortcut, the application will open.

    You can use the service of the operating system. To do this, select the “Search” command in the “Start” menu, then the “Files and folders” tab, and in the “Part of the file name or the entire name” field,Enter the name of the program in English. After you click the "Find" button, the system will start the search. It is also possible to find the file winword.exe - this is the program folder of the Word: drag it to the desktop, so you will have a text editor on your desk. However, it is better to limit the creation of a shortcut on the desktop.

    In the event that you know the place on the computer where the Office is stored, look there. For example, you know that the software is installed on drive C. Open the "My Computer" folder on your desktop, and then "Local Drive C". In the opened window in the toolbar, select the Search icon. The system will search for the file you specified exclusively on drive C.

    If, after all attempts, you still could not find the Word, most likely it is not on your PC and you will have to install it.

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