• How to find out the build version

    To find out which versionassemblyWindows operating system installed on your computer, open the start menu and select "Run." A small window will appear on the screen, type “winver” without quotes in the blank line and press Enter. After that, the screen should display information of interest to you. This command is relevant for Windows XP, Vista and Seven.
    If you want to knowversion ofof any program installed on your computer, open the configuration settings window and find the “System Information” item or a similar menu item. Do not confuse with the menu “Help”, it is completely different. Also pay attention to the program download window, in some of them the versionassemblywritten right on the screen when opened.
    Take a lookversion ofassemblyprograms on the site from which you usually download software. Also, go to the website of the developer of the program and see if there is an item in the resource menuassemblyinstalled on your computer program.
    Look at the software installation file. Perhaps its name contains information that interests you.
    Download and install a special utility that displays all the software installed on your computer along with complete information about it. Please note that many of them have advanced functionality that will be convenient for your access to other information.
    Open the computer control panel using the Start menu. Find the item "Add or Remove Programs." A large window with a complete list of installed software will appear on your screen, in some cases the version is also indicated there.assemblyin the name of the application.
    If you want to knowversion ofassemblyoperating system for PDA, open the system information on the control panel.

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