• How to fill a portfolio?

    Specialists offering their services on the Internet are in a state of constant competition. You can increase your chances of receiving an order by creating an informative portfolio. This is a visual demonstration of examples of their work, designed accordingly. If you are not familiar with the concept of portfolio, read the article What is a portfolio.

    Stages of compilation

    Since the specialist provides his services on the Internet, you will need to make an online portfolio. The work will be divided into several stages:

    1. The definition of the content of the material - commercial offers, content, photo gallery.
    2. Selecting your own best work in each area - you need to add about 10 materials on each of the topics to create a full picture of the quality of services. You should choose the materials prepared and posted on the websites of employers recently.
    3. Spectacular exterior design - you need to create several thematic folders in which the selected files will be placed, using screenshots that clearly demonstrate the advantages of the work is welcomed
    4. Placing a portfolio in the network - you can create a personal site, but it is more logical to use the remote work exchange.

    Filling the portfolio with information

    Now let's take a closer look at how to fill out a portfolio. It is necessary to provide for the presence of several main points containing key information:

    • Personalities - a brief description that allows a potential customer to get a complete picture of the personality of the specialist, his level of qualification and work experience. It is necessary to reliably indicate the name, name of the university, work experience.
    • Specializations - specify the areas in which you work, for example: writing texts, creating websites, marketing. It is advisable to put active links that allow you to go directly to the examples of works.
    • Placing the best materials � take screenshots of completed work, place the URL of the sites where they are located. Be sure to prepare a preview for the screenshots, indicate in it the essence of the work, and most importantly the result that the customer has achieved with your help
    • Placing a photo - put your own photo in the portfolio to create a trusting relationship with customers
    • Specifying contact information - list email addresses, mobile phone number, ICQ, SKYPE, specify the address of residence. Thus, potential customers will develop a positive image of a bona fide performer.

    The basic principles of creating a portfolio

    Portfolio is the face of a specialist, it should always be maintained in proper form. Pay attention to regular updates. Potential customers should see that you are constantly working, it is easy to contact you, at any time you can discuss issues relating to the order. Specifying links to sites where jobs are located, focus on known resources with high traffic. Thus, you will add additional value to yourself as a specialist and increase the price level.

    When creating your portfolio, make sure that it complies with the following principles:

    1. Focus on potential employers - you need to post materials and focus on the skills most in demand from potential customers.
    2. Variety - post work done in different styles.
    3. Organization - a clear structured materials in the portfolio.
    4. Accessibility for customers - you are not �Elusive Joe�, but a real person, post more contact information.

    Follow these principles, follow all recommendations, and your customer base will grow exponentially.

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