• How to eat a pumpkin?

    Yana Merichenko
    Yana Merichenko
    July 9, 2014
    How to eat a pumpkin?

    For several centuries, cooks use pumpkin as a separate dish and side dish. Gourmets prefer to eat pumpkin raw. How to eat a pumpkin correctly, what useful properties does it have, and what can you cook from it? This will be discussed in the article.

    How to eat a pumpkin: tips

    Raw pumpkin contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that ensure the normal performance of the cardiovascular system, is an excellent sedative, prevent insomnia.

    Pumpkin can be eaten raw peeled and cut into pieces. Raw pumpkin helps to reduce weight and stimulates the human immune system. An important role in this is played by vitamin T (responsible for the metabolism), contained in large quantities in the pumpkin. Raw pumpkin is strictly prohibited for people suffering from diabetes.

    Pumpkin juice is recommended for people suffering from anemia.

    You can cook a raw pumpkin and radish salad and season it with olive oil.This is a good remedy for colds.

    You can grate a raw pumpkin on a grater, fill it with vegetable oil or sour cream low fat. Such a dish will help protect the liver and prevent the development of cirrhosis.

    What can be cooked from a pumpkin: options

    Leading position in the list of dishes from the pumpkin is porridge, which can be sweet or lean. Pumpkin porridge can be cooked in water or milk. In some recipes, the pumpkin is cut into large pieces, then rubbed on a grater and cooked. In others, the pumpkin is cut into small pieces, stewed, then crushed with a blender. Pumpkin porridge is often cooked with cereals.

    Pumpkin soup can be cooked, ideal for a diet menu. For example, pumpkin puree soup.

    To prepare, take:

    • 500 g pumpkin;
    • 1 onion;
    • 1 carrot;
    • 2 tomatoes;
    • 1 bell pepper;
    • 3 cloves of garlic;
    • curry;
    • pepper and salt.

    Coarsely chop the vegetables and cook them until cooked in a little water. Add the finely chopped garlic and simmer for another 5 minutes. After that, grind all the blender, dilute the resulting mashed potatoes with water to the desired thickness and add salt and spices.

    Pumpkin can be stuffed with meat and potatoes, but for the body, this combination will be difficult to assimilate food, so the stuffed pumpkin is poured with lemon juice or juice of another citrus, which makes the dish softer.

    For dessert, pumpkin, you can make a casserole, placina or pie. Plachinda is a type of cake made from yeast, puff or lean dough of a flat round shape, the filling of which is most often a pumpkin.

    To make a placid, take the yeast dough, roll it, put the stuffing in the center and fold it in the shape of an envelope. Bake the cake in the oven or fry in a skillet. Stuffing for dessert is prepared from pumpkin, grated and grated with sugar.

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