• How to dream a man?

    It is known that we spend a third of our lives in a dream. Plunging into the world of dreams, we restore our strength, seeing very entertaining plots. However, you can control not only your own, but also other people's dreams. Anyone can make a relative, beloved or even an enemy see him in a dream. There are several ways to dream about another person.

    How do people dream of using magic?

    If you want a person to see you in a dream, you should turn to magic. However, you will need to create certain conditions for the spell to work. The ritual should be carried out at the time of falling asleep person, or when he is already asleep. In this case, the night will be the ideal time. For the ritual will need the following items:

    • paper;
    • white candle;
    • lotus oil;
    • lavender oil;
    • photograph of the object on which the dream will be induced.

    First, try to get rid of extraneous thoughts: you need to focus on the object on which the dream will be induced. Then light a candle and imagine the big picture of a dream that a person should see.After that, take his photo, look into the eyes of the object depicted on it, remember his appearance, facial expressions, gestures and mentally send him the formed dream. Imagine how he gets it. Then take the sheet on which your and his name should be written, light it from the candle and read the text of the spell:

    ... (the name of the addressee of the dream), catch the message, take a dream about me, ... (meet your name) please meet me!

    Wind free, gentle wind, catch the smoke and ... (name) dream of me tell!

    I freely enter your dreams, the strength of the wind, the strength of the night and the strength of the moon help me to help!

    ... (name of the addressee), see in my dream my dream-sign! So I command, and so be it!

    When pronouncing words, you must keep in your mind the prototype of the dream and the image of the addressee. It is important to know that this ritual is quite dangerous because it can change the course of events. For this reason, you should think carefully before dreaming of another.

    Visualization of the desired

    Many girls in love are wondering how to dream a loved one. If you do not want to resort to magic, then you can go a simpler way: you need to visualize the desired event for several days. Of course, the effect will appear in a few days, and maybe even weeks, but the result will be.So, in order to dream a lover, first of all you need to do the following:

    • dispel all extraneous thoughts from the head;
    • create a dream plot in your mind.

    Then imagine a sleeping person and try to mentally put your dream into his head, which should be spelled out very clearly. This work is not finished. It is necessary to clearly imagine how the lover tells you the plot of a dream. We must try to visualize his emotions, facial expressions, gestures. In general, to feel the feelings that would have caused this conversation. Visualization should be carried out three times a day in a relaxed state.

    Conscious dream

    There is another way to dream a person in a dream, he called a lucid dream. The difficulty lies in the fact that to achieve this is very difficult, we need practice. As a rule, in order to master such a skill, it is necessary to meditate for many years in order to remove the blocks that hold down the subconscious. As soon as this can be done, it will turn out and see in a dream what you want, that is, you will have the skill to manage it.

    Then you need to find in the dream of a person who wants to dream, and create an image of reality.He will surely see such a dream, because there is an opinion that all dreams are interconnected, which means that you can enter into the dream of another person. However, it is not necessary to cause another evil, because you can harm his subconscious. Moreover, it is important to remember that the negative will definitely come back, so your abilities should be used for good.

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