• How to paint?

    Novice artists are always advised to start with pencil drawings, but this is unlikely to be compared with painting with colors. Of course, it is more difficult to handle paints, but this art can also be learned. This article will tell you how to paint a beautiful picture with paints.

    Choosing paint

    There are a lot of types of paint, but most often artists choose acrylic or oil paints for making drawings. We will talk about them today.

    How to draw with acrylic paints? Yes, in general, very simple. Choose a jar of the desired color, take a palette and mix color with a small amount of water on it. If the shade does not suit, add another color to the palette. If the color lacks intensity, we add colors; if, on the contrary, the color is too bright, we add water. Now take the brush and start the process. You can work without a palette, mixing paint directly on paper.Paints

    How to paint with oil paints? Approximately the same as acrylic. Just keep in mind that oil paints will have to be applied in strokes.

    Of course, you can paint beautifully and gouache. How to do it correctly can be found in the article How to draw with gouache.

    Choosing a genre

    The simplest drawing colors - landscape. It is not terrible to make a mistake. The colors of nature are very diverse, which means that a mistake can very harmoniously integrate into the world around it.

    Getting Started

    So, we will paint the landscape with acrylics. Draw a summer picture - the edge of the sandy shore and the sea, stretching into the distance at sunset. Sandy shore frame the forest.

    We will need: soft and hard brushes, paints, paper, pencil.

    Let us analyze the process in stages:

    1. Preliminary on a sheet of paper outline the contours of the sky, sun, shore, sea and forest with a pencil. The pressure is not strong, in our landscape there will be light colors, and they should close the contour of the pencil.
    2. Take a soft brush. Let's start coloring from the sky. Since it is sunset, we use yellow, red and brown paint. First, we apply a yellow color, on top we add strokes of red paint, and then we join all brown, as if washing away the paint.
    3. The sandy beach is made using the same technique, only red is needed here less.beach colors
    4. Now make out the edge of the forest.To do this, simply paint over the area selected for it with a light green color. Change the brush on the hard and top cover our area with dark green paint. We work point-wise, then we get plausible foliage.
    5. With the same dots we slightly dilute foliage with black.
    6. It was the turn of the sea. Again we take a soft brush and fill with blue paint to the area allocated for water. In swathes we make the surface more believable - with the help of white and blue paint. Do not forget to wash smears, until they are dry.
    7. We draw the sun in a white circle.
    8. Add realism. On the edge of the water we will make blotches of yellow color, as if the water drains, exposing the shore. White paint the sun glare on the water and lighten the sky around the sun.

    Here, in general, and the whole scheme. Connect the fantasy and add your elements to the landscape - for example, birds soaring in the sky.

    If you have a desire, the landscape will definitely work out, the main thing is to try! And remember that the process of drawing must be enjoyed.

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