• How to draw on glass?

    Tatyana Getmanets
    Tatyana Getmanets
    January 28, 2013
    How to draw on glass?

    The time has passed when humanity left its murals only on stones and walls. Now people have stepped forward so much that they are trying to capture their creativity and favorite name on everything that comes to hand. To draw on paper is the century before last, but images on glass are a new trend in the era of technology. How to draw on glass to make the paintings interesting and durable?

    Materials for drawing on glass

    It turns out that drawing on glass is not an entirely difficult task. The main thing is to correctly pick up brushes, paints and come up with an original drawing.

    Remember what you need for art on glass objects.

    • Drawing or stencil of the future drawing.
    • Contour for drawing.
    • Stained or acrylic paints.
    • Special marker for drawing on glass.
    • Copy paper.
    • Toothpick.
    • Alcohol.
    • Thin or thick brushes.

    How to draw on glass

    Before you learn how to paint on glass, you need to consider some important points.If you plan to draw on a transparent glass, then note that the image will be visible from both sides.

    So, first think of what you want to capture on the glass product. Draw your fantasies on a blank piece of paper. Then transfer this pattern to the glass, more precisely, first onto the copy paper. Now, with a prepared toothpick, gently draw all the bends of the drawing with a marker. The contour should dry well, and only then you need to gently wipe with alcohol all the extra traces of carbon paper. Alcohol is still needed in order to degrease the surface of the glass. Now it was the turn to apply blue, silver or gold paint on the drawing. Show yourself not only as an artist, but also as a designer. This means that the color of the paint must be in harmony with the shade of the glass product that you are going to paint.

    Gouache on glass

    In order to learn how to draw gouache on glass, you need to understand the following - the drawings made with this type of paint are washed off with simple water in a matter of minutes. Drawing in gouache is very good and convenient, for example, on a window pane and on the eve of New Year holidays.Gouache especially love to draw young children - these paints are safe and quickly erased. Various landscapes and still lifes are perfectly executed with such paints, because the creative work turns out juicy, bright and thick.

    Now it is very fashionable to draw pictures on empty glass bottles. Gouache has many advantages over other paints. It is easier to work with it, because if the drawing suddenly fails, you can always wipe it off with a damp cloth or rinse with running water. The drawings on the bottle are convenient because the gouache paint does not flow down the product, but lies flat on the glass evenly and gently. Gouache dries quickly, and you can admire your creation for a very long time. In addition, that such an independent art is always a pleasure to give to a close and dear person.

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