• How to draw lips?

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    How to draw lips?

    In this lesson we will tell you how to draw lips with a pencil. Let's just say: draw the lips, and indeed the human face is quite difficult. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the detail of the face has its own characteristics, which often depend on other parts of the face. Therefore, to begin with it is nice to get acquainted with human anatomy and open that section of it that is dedicated to a person. Carefully study the drawings, which depict the face, and then you can start drawing.

    So, how to draw lips and generally the lower part of the face? The first thing to do is almost always is a sketch. Carefully study and draw the line separating the upper and lower lip. This line will most often be bent. It's not scary if the line is not very accurate - then you can correct it. The last thing to do at this first, initial stage is to sketch out the contours of the middle part of the upper lip. This part is often called the Cupid tubercle. The importance of the tubercle for the artist is that with its help 2 vertices of the upper lip are formed, therefore we will designate it with light strokes.The second stage of drawing the lips will begin by scribbling the base lines of the drawing: the upper lip above the tubercle of the cupid and the lower lip below it. Thus we get the first contours of the lips - three concave lines. Next, we finish the sketch, for which we connect the upper and lower lines of the lips with their ends. Of course, these lines are different depending on the shape of the lips of a person.

    So, the sketch is over. After that, you need to gradually and with light strokes to put shadows in those places where it is necessary. Do not forget that the brightest should be the lower lip, because it is she, because of her structure, is substituted for the outside light. Also note that the corners of the lower lip should be darkened, as they are shaded by the upper lip. A slight shadow from the upper lip can also fall on the top of the lower lip. Be sure to leave the upper edge of the lips lit to preserve the volume of the pattern, and properly process the cupid of the Cupid - do not be lazy and note how it is illuminated in reality. Now pay attention to the space around the lips. Above the upper lip there are two protuberances connecting it with the nose.See - there is a slight concavity? Draw it with light strokes. Next, look at the corners of the lips - there you need to draw the work of facial muscles that form some of the screeds to the right and left of the corners. Also ensure that the line separating the lips is always dark. Now look at the picture, erase all unnecessary. All our lips are ready. We hope, now you understand how to paint a person's lips correctly and beautifully.

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