• How to draw leaves?

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    How to draw leaves?

    Very many drawings are created in stages. This is especially true for drawing techniques with a pencil. Gradually drawing leaves in pencil, like any other natural object, is completely easy if you start with sketches, sketches, gradually drawing important details and removing unnecessary ones.

    How to draw leaves of different types of plants

    Starting to draw individual leaves of any kind of trees need to vein. For example, if it is necessary to depict such a plant as a maple, then drawing its sheet is not a difficult task at all. After all, its shape is very recognizable.

    • The first step will be applying with a simple pencil contour veins. To do this, put on the paper a horizontal line, closer to the stem of the supposed maple leaf with a pencil, draw a wide cross, and its lower ends should be slightly shorter. It is not necessary to do this with the help of a ruler, since in the natural environment there are no ideal contours and proportions;
    • Then, additional, smaller ones are drawn on the basis of the central veins of the herringbone.In this case, primitive symmetry is observed;leaves
    • After that, the contours of the sheet are outlined - it is best to make them in one line (solid). The maple leaf consists of five to seven segments, and that’s what they draw;
    • Finishing the gradual drawing of a maple leaf, like any other, you need to paint it: it can be bright green or other, “autumn” colors - brown, red and yellow.

    Another description of how to draw a maple leaf is contained in our article- How to draw a maple leaf.

    According to the same scheme, it is possible to draw in stages the leaves of both real trees and fantasy ones. Leaves can be copied from real living objects, tearing them from different trees.

    How to draw foliage, tree crown

    It is sometimes necessary to draw the leaves of trees step by step with both pencil and paints not separately, but in the form of a tree crown.

    Phased scheme

    • In this case, first depict the trunk and central branches of thefoliagetree. From below, the trunk is thicker, and towards the end (as well as the branches) it becomes thinner;
    • When the trunk is “ready,” they begin to draw the leaves of the trees, as described above, with all the subtleties; each leaf should not be drawn, of course;
    • Especially there are no problems if the tree in the figure “stands” far and its leaves are not clearly visible.In this case, they are depicted as dots or as a set of leaves on each of the branches;
    • To draw leaves as on deciduous trees, it is possible and on coniferous. With the only difference that in coniferous trees the leaves are needles, not wide plates.

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