• How to draw an angel?

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    How to draw an angel?

    Good day! Today we will try to draw anime angel. We will draw in a very interesting style - "chibi" or "Tibi". For those who do not know: this is the style of anime-drawing character with a small body and a large, almost commensurate to his body, head. This style is often used to emphasize the comic in a certain situation or to express the character’s emotions more vividly.

    This style is now known to many and is gaining popularity in Russia, but even if you don’t like the style of anime in general, do not worry, here in just a few simple steps we will look at how to get a picture and, perhaps, you will change your mind for the better the side.

    So, how to draw an angel in stages? Prepare in front of you: a well-sharpened pencil (I recommend taking a hard pencil), an eraser, and a blank sheet of paper. Well, of course, do not forget to charge a portion of a good mood, for the mood is half the battle!

    1. Step one. Draw the base. In general, in absolutely every drawing lesson in stages,you will begin your drawing with auxiliary lines, basics, and so on. Begin to draw. We start to draw an oval for the head. Do not forget that we want to draw an anime angel in the style of chibi, so make your head almost the same in height with the body. The body, as well as the head, will have an oval shape. As a result, we get two connected ovals.
    2. How to draw angel wings or step two. At this stage, we will pay attention to the wings, as they will close most of the back and then it makes no sense to draw them. Draw the shape of the first wing. It should be big, it should cover most of the body of our hero. This, by the way, will make it easier for us to work: there is no need to draw details on the body of an angel. The second wing does not peep much from behind. Also estimate the future face of an angel. Draw the axis of symmetry on the face, it will be easy to repel it, drawing the face. As well as two lines perpendicular to the axis of symmetry. It's okay if you miss your oval, it will be easy to fix later. By the way, despite the fact that the head is disproportionate to the body, there are still some proportions on the face, so the angel’s eyes will be large. Consider this by drawing auxiliary lines on the future face.
    3. The third step. Let's start drawing hair.Right from our oval we start to release hair curls. Experiment with the length. For example, I prefer the long hair, which will hide the back of the hero. Now we can begin to detail the wings, by the way, the most detailed part in our drawing. Draw feathers from the bottom of the wings, and make fluff above the wavy lines. Do not be afraid to draw long feathers, it will be easier to erase them than to draw short ones. Immediately start drawing eyes. The interesting thing is that with the eyes of an anime hero you can convey a lot of emotion, therefore, only you can choose.
    4. Fourth step. We turn to the final detail. Draw the face, hair, bangs, in general, you need to finish the drawing. At this stage, there should be no auxiliary lines, erase them as work progresses. Check out every detail in the picture. Do not forget that we did not draw the legs, our angel still sits on the oval. Make the legs that are supposedly hidden under the wing of the angel.

    That's all, in just four simple steps from the lesson on how to draw an angel, you and I got a beautiful and simple drawing by execution. It's okay if the picture came out is not very successful, in this case, you just need a little more practice.

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