• How to draw a tail?

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    How to draw a tail?

    Naturally, the process of drawing with a pencil occurs in stages. So the advice is true that drawing the tail of both fish and mermaids or another fantastic or real creature is also necessary in this way.

    How to draw tail pencil

    Let's say you need to draw a mermaid's tail from a cartoon or a fairy tale.

    • You need to start with drawing the outline of the whole figure of a mermaid. The upper part is painted as usual - in the portrait technique. Mermaid hair is usually long and curly, falling down on the chest;
    • After that you can start drawing the tail. The contours of the tail are drawn slightly longer than the length of the upper body. As for the proportions, the length and volume of the tail of a mermaid should roughly correspond to the values ​​of the lower part of the human body;
    • After this task is completed, the contours can be given greater clarity, and on the very tail you can draw medium-sized scales. Thus, it is possible to draw both the tail of a mermaid, and the tail of a fish or other "waterfowl", as well as a dolphin.

    Fairy Tail

    Oriental (Japanese, Chinese) cartoons depict their mythical heroes - fairies - with a tail. This we know from the anime. This part of the body of these creatures is portrayed as soft and fluffy, and to draw a fairy tail in stages does not amount to any problems and difficulties if you are able to draw anime characters.

    Drawing technique

    • For this, the “ordinary” anime girl is depicted, behind which she draws a tail;
    • First you need to portray its bend and shape, the tail should befairy tailquite long. It is not just hanging, but as if in motion. The thickness of the tail is slightly thicker than the hand of the fairy itself. You can draw the tail in the form of a “sausage” with strokes, and then finish the villus along its edges, which will imitate the fluffiness of the tail;
    • After the pencil drawing is ready, it can be painted with crayons or paints. The tail of the fairies can be very different color.

    Popular is the cartoon, which is called “Fairy Tail”, which means that the question of how to draw Lucy, his main character, is always relevant. To do this, draw a traditional anime girl, a blonde with big black eyes and subtle features.The easiest way to portray this character, if you copy it from the cartoon itself.

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