• How to draw a plan?

    In the modern world of computer technology to draw a plan of any room for personal purposes is quite simple. For these purposes, there are many multi-functional programs. But because of the complex interface and the presence of a significant number of different tools, which only designers are often able to understand, not everyone can quickly learn how to use such programs. That is why the most affordable option is considered a regular Word with a standard set of tools.

    How to draw a house plan

    Today, many dream of having their own country house or cottage. For such a construction, of course, a plan is needed, which will show the specific location of rooms, kitchen, bathroom, etc. However, how to do this correctly is not known to everyone. It turns out that everything is not so difficult. It is enough to perform the following actions:

    1. decide on the size, designate the axis, which should be located in the middle of the bearing and main walls;Plan
    2. to draw internal partitions and walls, as well as to outline the places where there should be windows and doors (in this case it is necessary to indicate the direction of their opening);
    3. mark the location of the functional equipment: toilet and bath in the bathroom, stove in the kitchen, etc .;
    4. mark stairwells, floor level, ventilation ducts.

    After that, assign each object its own number, and enter them into a table that includes 3 columns: number, name of the object or room, occupied space. But it should be understood that in this way you can draw only the plan of the house, and not its project. For drawing up the project it is better to ask for the help professionals. Also for more information you can read our article: How to draw a house.

    How to draw an apartment plan

    Many owners often have ideas about redevelopment of their premises or a simple rearrangement of furniture. But in order to do this correctly, you must first draw an apartment plan:

    1. draw a rectangle, divide it by straight lines into squares, the number of which depends on the number of rooms in the apartment;Plan
    2. mark windows, balcony, doors, and you should also indicate the direction of their opening;
    3. to draw a symbolic kitchen. How to do it right, you should read our article: How to draw a kitchen;
    4. indicate the location of the bathroom with a schematic depiction of the bath and the toilet.

    Next, you need to determine which walls are bearing and that it is strictly impossible to change. After that, you can proceed to the immediate renovation of the premises according to your wishes. Interesting information about this you can also find in our article: How to draw a room

    How to draw an evacuation plan

    Any high-rise residential and industrial building should have an evacuation plan, and such a scheme should be placed in a prominent place on each floor. As a rule, specially trained people are involved in drawing up an evacuation plan. But, in fact, there is nothing complicated. The procedure should be as follows:

    1. walk around and inspect all the rooms on the floor, mark locationsPlantelephones, fire hydrants, automatic fire alarms, fire extinguishing agents, as well as main and emergency exits;
    2. specify the permanent and estimated number of visitors;
    3. check the reliability of all available exits and proper ventilation.

    Then you can proceed to the direct drawing of the plan. To do this, schematically depict the floor of the building and all the existing premises, in each of which with conventional signs apply the locations of fire hydrants, telephones, fire extinguishing equipment, etc.After that, use the solid green arrows to indicate the main exit paths from each room, and the dotted ones - the spare ones.

    However, it is important to understand that there should not be any cluttering signs, details, signs on the evacuation plan. But be sure to specify the place corresponding to the placement of this scheme, as well as a list of symbols and their decoding.

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