• How to draw a cat?

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    How to draw a cat?

    Everyone's favorites and characters in numerous books and cartoons - cats - many make you want to draw a funny little animal. Especially famous recently cat Simon. You can portray it by reading the article "How to draw a cat Simon." How to draw another hero - Puss in Boots - is described in the article “How to draw a cat in boots”. Based on this article, you can also draw cats warriors. And below we will tell you how to draw other cats.

    How to draw a cheshire cat with a pencil

    Since the Cheshire Cat has become famous for its smile, it is possible not to draw it entirely, but to confine one face. Therefore, tell you how to draw a cat face.

    1. We draw a circle, divide it into four parts by vertical and horizontal lines. From the intersection point upwards at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to both sides of the vertical, we draw two more lines.
    2. Outside the circle on the continuation of oblique lines draw elongated triangles of cat ears. However, the Cheshire cat ears can only be slightly outlined.
    3. The eyes are located on a horizontal line at the same distance from the center approximately in the middle of the radii. Eyes slanting, almond-shaped, with vertical pupils.
    4. CatBelow the center of the circle on the vertical we draw a round nose, and from it down two brackets - a mouth. So that the cat has a wide smile, the ends of the brackets diverge far to the sides, and the ends rise noticeably upwards. Outline the lower lip. If you do not want to make a toothy cat, the lower lip is tightly pressed to the upper, and only in the middle of the lips slightly open.
    5. The body of a cat can be hidden behind the haze, as well as the edges of the muzzle and ears. The most important thing is to keep a smile and eyes that can be big and round with fabulous cats.

    We draw a cat mustache and wool, stripes on the face, we paint. According to this principle, it is possible to draw a cat from Shrek with minor modifications.

    How to draw a cat in stages

    Let's depict a real cat in full growth from the side with the head turned to us (muzzle - full face).

    1. We draw a rectangle, we divide it by a horizontal line in half. In the upper half there will be a body and a head, in the lower half there will be paws.
    2. On the left above the rectangle draw a circle - the head and a sausage - the body.
    3. On the sausage we denote the shoulder blades of the front legs and the thighs - the hind legs. The legs themselves are denoted by simple sticks with points on the knees. The ends of the legs are marked with ovals.
    4. Outline the legs in smooth lines - the cat is all soft and round.
    5. Draw a little face, as described in the previous chapter.
    6. From behind we draw tail, quietly lowered down.
    7. We erase the extra construction lines.
    8. Draw strokes wool, paint.

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