• How to do it???

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    What exactly? Skirt sew?
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    Yes)))) Sori!
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    1. Find a large piece of suitable fabric, cut a wide strip from it. The top of the skirt folded so that folds are formed, as in the photo. 2. Secure them, iron out. From a wide strip to form a belt with bends (the length will depend on the width of the waist + a bit of space for buttons and fasteners). 3. Sew the top of the skirt to the waist (having hidden the top slightly in the folds. 4. Sew a side skirt, leaving room for a zipper. 5. Sew a zipper. 6. Fold the edge of the skirt, stitch on a typewriter. 7. Sew decorative stripes (blue, as in the photo, for example).

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