• How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki, if you forgot your password?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    June 1, 2011
    How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki, if you forgot your password?

    Delete the page in Odnoklassniki, if you forget the password is really possible. But in order to do this, you need to restore access to the page, and therefore put a new password. In this article we will explain how to delete a page in Odnoklassniki, if you forgot your password. What to do, where to start.

    Delete Odnoklassniki page: steps

    In general, it is not so difficult, you only need to restore your password (which we will also tell about), and only then proceed to the immediate removal of your account.

    Password recovery

    The first step is to recover your password:

    1. On the site Odnoklassniki click on the link "Forgot your password?".
    2. Fill in the "login" line - enter your e-mail there. If you do not remember exactly what e-mail you were registered on the site, try everything in turn!
    3. Enter the code from the proposed image.
    4. Before you there was a window where you need to enter a special code.This code should have already arrived at the specified e-mail. Therefore, go to the mail and look for a message from the site Odnoklassniki in the inbox or in the "spam" folder.
    5. Copy the code from the letter and paste it into the box on the site Odnoklassniki. It happens that technical errors occur and the site gives a message that the code is incorrect. In this case, you should repeat the whole procedure again.
    6. Now come up with a new password and enter it, as asked, in 2 different lines.

    If you can’t remember your e-mail, then contact the support service and describe your problem by clicking on the link after the phrase "failed to recover the password?". If you don’t see it, click "Forgot your password?" Again, in the appeared window you will find what you need.

    How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki

    Now remove the page in Odnoklassniki, if you forgot your password, it will not be difficult! Although ... think about whether you need it when you have access to your favorite page? If the decision is firm, then let's start ...

    1. To permanently retire from Odnoklassniki, copy these values: & st.layer.cmd = PopLayerDeleteUserProfile
    2. Now go to your Odnoklassniki page. Check it out, this should be the main page, not your posts or your photo album.
    3. Put the cursor in the address bar (after all the content). Press Ctrl + V (or right-click - paste), and the copied values ​​will be added in the address bar. Pay attention, these values ​​should be added to the contents of the address bar, and not replace them.
    4. Press enter.
    5. Before you there was a window "deleting your profile" with a warning that the profile data will no longer be restored if you delete your page now. Enter your new password that you recently changed on Odnoklassniki.
    6. Click the "delete" button.

    You did it, the Odnoklassniki page was deleted. You can check by trying to go through an already deleted account to Odnoklassniki.

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