• How to decorate your garden?

    Anastasia Shostak
    Anastasia Shostak
    January 25, 2013
    How to decorate your garden?

    Many people have their own vegetable garden. And of course, there are many ways to decorate the garden with your own hands. Of course, that first of all gardeners are interested in the beds, but there is no such person who would not want his garden to always delight the eye with its unique beauty.

    We decorate the garden

    • To decorate your garden, you can with the help of natural stone - it always looks very beautiful. A little fantasy and build a composition of stones of different sizes, to your taste.
    • How to decorate the garden? A good decoration will be a stylish new flower garden. This may be the author's composition or some unusual flowerbed, for example, in the form of a car or a boat. Also use interesting materials to customize your site.
    • You can put the most beautiful support for plants - this is an excellent element that will completely change the look of your garden for the better. Vertical supports are very convenient and good, as they will decorate the garden and in winter, you can buy them ready-made, and in a special way install and decorate your plot.
    • Place portable plant containers around the garden. They are very easy to decorate with your own hands. Elementary paint or paste over seashells with pebbles. You can show your imagination and use a barrel or a vintage iron as a container. This will give your garden a special style.
    • Many designers come to the decision to decorate the garden with nesting boxes. Make bird houses of unusual shape or multi-storey. It is not necessary to make them from wood, you can use different materials. The main thing is to make the house bright. These design objects will definitely appreciate your dear guests.
    • Make a cozy corner on your site. This will help the country furniture. You can install a table, chairs and a bench. If you are a creative person, make your own furniture. This will definitely give your garden uniqueness.
    • Also, an excellent solution to the question of how to decorate your garden, you can serve as decorative lights. These may be solar powered lights. You do not need a professional to post them. Stick them into the ground along the perimeter of the path, and the comfort of your vegetable garden is guaranteed.
    • A vegetable garden is a place where you can give free rein to your imagination. Mix flower and vegetable plantings. Put near the rows of mini-fences. A huge number of them are on sale, it means that you will have a lot to choose from. And make a highlight in your garden can be scary.
    • Also, wooden plates with the names of plants will look great as well - this is a completely universal accessory for all gardens and gardens without exception. All such plates are also made to order, manually from oak. They are not afraid of watering or rain, and the fact that with time the oak will darken will only add beauty to this garden accessory. With proper winter storage, plates with dignity will decorate your garden for many years.

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