• How to decorate the box?

    August 9, 2012
    How to decorate the box?

    We all love to receive gifts. Not less, we love to give them, bringing joy to our friends and relatives. The gift itself, of course, is of great importance, but the way it is presented also plays a big role. It's so eager to make a surprise to a loved one! Attractive packaging will add at the time of giving mystery and joyful anticipation. You can present a gift in a regular plastic bag, and you can - in a beautiful gift box decorated with your own hands. You can make a real masterpiece out of a simple box if you spend a little time and your imagination. So let's think about how to decorate a gift box?

    Gift box decoration

    There are a great many materials for decorating gift boxes: you can use wrapping paper, beads, ribbons, dried flowers, etc. First, decide on what to do the main focus - on the design of the box itself or on the beautiful bright accessories.

    • Making a gift box. You can wrap the box in wrapping paper, foil, and tie a ribbon on top.When choosing paper and ribbons, pay attention to the color scheme: the paper must fit the occasion, as well as the taste preferences of the person for whom the gift is being prepared. Also, the box can be decorated using a variety of decorative materials that can be bought in the departments for sewing and needlework. You can make embroidery, embossing, appliqué on the box, use origami technique for decoration, make an ornament of bulk materials planted on glue, or from small seashells. In a word, give free rein to your imagination, and your box will turn into a work of art!
    • Selection of accessories. How to decorate the box with your own hands? Choose stylish accessories that transform a boring monochromatic box. You can make a gorgeous bow or volumetric flower from ribbons, cardboard, colored paper or fabric. You can also use the quilling technique — creating different compositions from narrow, long strips of paper.

    Here are a few options on how to decorate the box. Good luck in your work!

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