• How to decorate a bouquet?

    Usually we give flowers in the package. And besides the flower composition itself, I want the packaging to be original. From our article you will learn how to decorate a bouquet of flowers with your own hands.


    1. Fold the paper in the form of a triangle.
    2. Inside we put flowers.
    3. We take thinner wrapping paper or thin lace.
    4. Wrapped around the packaged flowers, holding together with scotch tape.
    5. We tie a ribbon in the color of the buds.

    Chamomiles can be packaged in a simpler way:

    1. With the help of adhesive tape glue stalks of daisies.
    2. Put a plant on a rectangular sheet of gift wrapping.
    3. The lower part of the package is intercepted by a bow of a gentle color.

    rose flower

    Single flower package option

    1. We make a substrate for a rose: we cut out a strip longer than the flower itself from cardboard or velvet paper.
    2. Bottom bend perpendicularly enough to have enough length to bend around the substrate.
    3. We make a loop - bend the strip around the substrate and fasten with adhesive tape.
    4. Straighten the formed pocket.
    5. Inside we insert a flower.
    6. For reliability, you can gently fix the stem with scotch tape.
    7. If desired, tie up the stem of a rose with a thin ribbon of a contrasting color.

    Double Layer Rose Bouquet

    This way you can pack any lush bouquet.

    1. Place the bouquet on top of the thin paper.
    2. Bend the paper in a triangle to close the stems.
    3. Fold the paper.
    4. Wrapped bouquet put on a sheet of thicker paper.
    5. Do the same procedure as with the previous wrapping sheet.
    6. Using adhesive tape, fix the position of the wrapper.
    7. Straighten all the folds.
    8. Tie the bouquet with a big beautiful bow.
    9. On one of the buds attach a decorative butterfly in the color of the bow.

    Unusual Flower Packaging

    For example, gerbera, orchids or iris.

    1. Cut a square out of bright corrugated paper.
    2. Take a sheet of transparent cellophane paper.
    3. In the middle, place the cut sheet of corrugated paper.
    4. Place the bouquet inside.
    5. Collect the ends of the cellophane up.
    6. Tie a bow.
    7. Ribbon bow rifle with scissors.

    Potted Flower Packaging

    The function of the pot will perform a plastic cup.

    1. Foil we covered the inside of the glass.
    2. We wrap a cup with the same sheet of foil paper outside.
    3. We place the glass in a transparent cellophane wrapper.
    4. In a glass collect flowers. For such a method is suitable medium-sized plants like the field.
    5. Tie wrapper with decorative tape.

    Insert decorative items, candy

    In addition to packing, you can decorate the bouquet with the help of decorative elements: special clips, butterflies, hearts, rhinestones. Especially popular was the combination of flowers with candy, it gives the bouquet a very unusual look.

    The easiest way to decorate a bouquet is to attach a long thin wooden skewer to the candy with scotch tape and put it in a bouquet.

    You can also put round candy in the heart of the bud, but in this case there is a risk of damage to the flower.

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