• How to deal with oily hair

    If you have oily hair, then first of all you should wash them properly. This action should be carried out quite often - as pollution. Do not leave them dirty for a few days.
    Also, it is possible to combat hair fatness by using special agents that slow down the sebaceous glands. If these funds do not help you, then it would not be superfluous to contact a dermatologist. He will prescribe you drugs that help regulate sebaceous excretions of the skin. Fortunately, it is only necessary to go to the doctor in extreme cases.
    To normalize the sebaceous glands, you can use medicated shampoos made on the basis of tar, as well as seaweed and such herbs as butterbur, horsetail, sage, rosemary, nettle and chamomile. These funds will not only help to adjust the sebaceous excretion of the skin, but also calm it down.
    Cosmetic procedures such as biowave and coloring help to cope with oily hair.In this case, the most important thing is not to overdo it, since both the first and the second procedures do not have a very good effect on the health of the skin - they overdry it.
    It is useful to do for oily hair mask from yogurt or kefir. One of these substances should be applied to the hair and hold for 15-20 minutes, wrapping the strands with a towel. After a time, remove the mask from your curls and rinse them thoroughly with shampoo. After washing, rinse hair with slightly acidified water. If you do all the above procedures regularly, then you quickly normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

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