• How to dance drum step?

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    How to dance drum step?

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    How to dance drum step?

    Drum step is an incredibly dynamic and driving youth dance style. It is performed under the rhythmically complex music of Drum and buss. In terms of training, this is not the easiest style, but if you try, you can learn it. Our article will tell you how to dance drum step.


    Drum step requires a lot of space, so the best place for training will be a flat playground, dance or gym. Clothing should not hold down the movement, it is best to wear a tracksuit and sneakers.

    Basic movements

    1. In this dance, the hands perform auxiliary functions, basically the legs work. Put one foot on the toe and then on the heel. At the same time, place the heel on the place where the sock stood. Start with a slow pace, gradually increasing it. Try to combine the movement of the foot with the twisting of the body.
    2. Swoop the right leg over the left (crosswise) and move the weight onto it. Jump back to the starting position. Each time, do it all faster and faster.This exercise should be practiced with the other leg.
    3. Next, cross your legs, but do not carry the weight and turn on the toe right-left. Rotation needs to be done clearly and quickly. It is clear that the movement is practiced for two legs.

    When all three elements start to turn out, try combining them alternately in different sequences.

    Other elements.

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